Eagle AID: Nissan LEAF Remains Western Europe’s Top-Selling Electric Car

Nissan Leaf in Norway


Best Selling All-Electric Cars In Europe: Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S and Renault ZOE

Best Selling All-Electric Cars In Europe: Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S and Renault ZOE (Graphic via Avere France)

We already know that with over 7,000 sales, the Nissan LEAF is leading the European all-electric car market in the first half of the year. Eagle AID complements that data with some additional insight.

According to AID, nearly 4/10 LEAFs ended up on the driveways in Norway, which is the strongest market for EVs. However, Tesla Models S is not far behind:

“But that hides the uncomfortable truth that Tesla’s Model S, one of the fastest climbers on the scene is already snapping at its heels.”

Norway and the UK are exceeding over 60% market share for LEAF in Europe with 4,425!

The rest of Western Europe bought 2,455 LEAFs:

“Tellingly, the region’s fourteen other West European markets, including heavyweights such as Germany, France, Italy and Spain were responsible for the remaining 2,455 Leafs sold in the whole of Western Europe during this year’s first half.”

“The ongoing arduous struggle currently faced by all electric cars in Europe is revealingly underlined in Germany.”

“Just 380 Nissan Leafs were registered in Germany during this year’s first half; once every other Nissan dealer has registered at least one obligatory dealer demonstrator the importer will be more than halfway there…”

Source: Eagle AID

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Eagle Aid has something of a reputation for anti-EV spin.

The bottom line is always that the sales of EVs is rapidly advancing world-wide.

While there may be an occasional battery company or EV manufacturer that goes out of business, just remember that there have been literally hundreds of ICE car companies that have gone out of business.

Rob Stark
Rob Stark

Which electric car generates the most revenue for its company in Western Europe?


tesla S generates the most revenue, as its selling price outweighs the sales volume differencial with the leaf, zoe, outlander (these are sales leaders by volume in that order). Here is 2013, with model S only selling for part of the year. 2014 has much stronger sales.http://www.abb-conversations.com/2014/02/top-electric-cars-in-17-european-countries-charts/