Eagle AID: Electric Car Sales In Western Europe Are Growing, But…

Nissan Leaf in Norway

JAN 19 2014 BY MARK KANE 2

Bjorn's Model S in Norway

Bjorn’s Model S in Norway

According to Eagle Aid, electric cars sales in Western Europe are growing, but the high percentage values of growth comes from a low base.

“Thanks in large part to a near fivefold jump in registrations in Norway and a more than doubling of registrations in the Netherlands, France and Germany, close on 5,000 electric cars were first registered in the region last November.”

5,000 battery-electric cars, plus several thousand plug-in hybrids, we believe.

“In November, as well as September and October, electric car registrations in the region climbed to new all-time highs.”

But Eagle Aid presents “not so good” news too:

“The not so good news for the electric car industry is that November’s outwardly rosy-looking electric car sales story in otherwise gloom-laden Europe paints a somewhat distorted picture, chiefly because Norway’s runaway electric car sales growth provides the casual onlooker with a distorted picture.”

“Without Norway, where November’s electric car sales share zoomed to a headline-grabbing 11.9 per cent, following a near fivefold jump in sales to some 1,434 units, combined November registrations of electric cars in the region’s remaining 14 other West European markets regularly monitored by AID reached just 3,546 units, adding up to a still microscopic market share of 0.4 per cent…”

So, in November, we had 1,434 EVs registered in Norway with 11.9% market share and for the rest of Western Europe, which has tens times the population, just 3,546 units with 0.4% market share. Western Europe has a lot of work to do to catch Norway.

In the article we see that Tesla Model S registrations reached 61 in Germany in November.

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Almost 5000 EV’s and 5000 plug-in hybrids in Europe in november (9941 cars in total). But the population of western Europe compared to Norway is actually not ten times, its closer to 100 times as much. (5 million vs. around 420 million).

I still think EV sales are doing better over all in a America compared to Europe in that with our tax it’s easier to buy and own a car over all.