e-Volo Volocopter VC200 – Electric Multirotor Helicopter (w/video)


e-Volo VC200

e-Volo VC200

In November, German company e-Volo conducted an indoor maiden flight of a pre-production version of its Volocopter VC200 – an electric helicopter.

This two-seat machine is propelled by 18 electric motors and is controlled by 20 computers. It can fly without a pilot, like it does in the maiden flight where it rises up to nearly 22 m for several minutes.

According to e-Volo, VC200 will have maximum speed of 100 km/h and maximum altitude of 2000 m. Range be over 1 hour of typical flight, but for several hours flying, a range extender version is in development.

A few days ago, e-Volo announced that, in 3 days and less than 10 hours, it raised 1,200,000 euros via crowdfunding on www.seedmatch.de, which is claimed to be a new European record.

Now we wait for the improved VC200 to debut and for its market launch.

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14 responses to "e-Volo Volocopter VC200 – Electric Multirotor Helicopter (w/video)"
  1. David Murray says:

    Pretty cool. I’d actually feel safer in this than a regular helicopter since I would imagine a single engine failure won’t send you to your death. Even if they used a serial hybrid drivetrain, if the ICE failed the battery could probably still have enough power to give you a safe emergency landing. I bet this thing is much quieter than a regular helicopter too.

    1. Open-Mind says:

      I’m a big fan of multi-rotors, but to be fair, single-rotor engine-failure “auto-rotation” landings are a skill that is routinely practiced:


      A zero-damage landing just requires altitude and an experienced pilot.

  2. kdawg says:

    “e-Volo VC200″… how German. I think it should be called “Snowflake”

    I don’t speak German.. did they say the range (distance)?
    It sounded a bit like a swarm of bumblebees to me.

    1. Cavaron says:

      It’s capable of a one hour flight with 100km/h, that gives you a range of about 100km 🙂 And they say the Volo has a built in parachute.

      1. kdawg says:

        I’m guessing the range is less than 1/2 that. Lots of energy for takeoff, then accel to 100km/h. It’s probably using considerably kWh at 100 km/h. Also need to keep in mind the radius since you need a return trip.

      2. John Hollenberg says:

        I hope that 100 km range is not the same as the “100 miles range” of a Nissan Leaf! Gives “range anxiety” a whole new meaning.

  3. kdawg says:

    Here’s another electric helicopter (2010)

    Sikorsky Firefly

  4. jzj says:

    I’d be curious as to the use of this vehicle: are there helicoptors presently used with such limited capabilities?

    1. kdawg says:

      You can pay $200/person to take a ride through the Grand Canyon. With such low fuel costs, this could be a money maker.

  5. GeorgeS says:

    this thing is trick!

  6. Anon says:

    Awesome design. Very quiet for a copter…

  7. Ocean Railroader says:

    This helocopter looks like the air ship from the movie Pokemon 2000 owned by the character Lawrence the Third. http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Flying_Palace It is one of the most top heavy and strangest looking ships that I thought would not be able to fly. But apparently these people have made something that looks like it to where it could possibly fly.

  8. Priusmaniac says:

    Looks like the Amazon deliveries can now be 1000 times heavier. Will we have a model S delivered by Amazon soon?

  9. Sawat says:

    I wonder what is the specification of the electric motors and battery capacity.