Volkswagen e-Golf Will Die Off When New All-Electric I.D. Launches In 2020

SEP 20 2017 BY MARK KANE 23

For quite some time, Volkswagen has offered all-electric cars in form of factory conversions – specifically, the e-Golf and e-up!

In the future, EVs will switch to their own proprietary MEB platform.

2018 Volkswagen e-Golf battery

This future dedicated platform will enable VW to build better electric vehicles (with ranges range of up to 400-600 km / 250-370 miles NEDC). However, the German manufacturer got off to a slow start, and still needs a bit more time for R&D – apparently up until around 2020.

When the first compact I.D. model comes to market in 2020, the old e-Golf instantly becomes obsolete, as the e-Golf would not be a competitive offering, with all its batteries stuffed wherever the ICE platform allows, especially when the ultimate solution is a flat battery sandwich on the floor.

To that end, the current generation e-Golf will be the last, as the new eighth generation of the model is destined to be only for internal combustion engines.  A separate version for a plug-in hybrid option is still on tap.

“It won’t have an e-Golf because we will stop electrification of next generation Golf at plug-in hybrid…if you look at the battery pack of the MQB [in the current e-Golf] it is distributed everywhere. It looks fantastic, but it looks not very optimal,” Jürgen Stackman, board member and head of sales and marketing told Drive.

VW ID at Frankfurt Autoshow this month (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Introduction of the production I.D. is apparently is scheduled month after the MK 8 Golf debuts, for those who are interested in an all-electric power-train, without compromises.


VW ID at Frankfurt Autoshow this month (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Stackman further explained to Drive that “the company’s top-selling Golf range is set to roll over to a new model generation in 2020 and just one month later, the first of Volkswagen’s crucial new family of electric vehicles, the I.D. hatch, will follow.

“There is going to be an extremely strong new Golf 8 coming, it will launch just a month ahead of the I.D. We believe that they both stand on their own feet, in their own rights.” Stackmann said, at last week’s Frankfurt Motor Show.”

Prices of the I.D. compact BEV are reported by the company to start at Golf Diesel (if there will still be some Diesel) or higher trim petrol versions.

Volkswagen I.D.


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I actually like the looks, which is odd for me in regards to VW. I wonder if they will keep the suicide doors.

It’s a great looking concept, clean lines, great exterior design. Hopefully the production version will look similar.

According to the availability of the 2017 eGolf in the United States, the eGolf is already dead.

Why bother to ship it to the US, when they probably sell the numbers they need in Europe?
Too bad though, because it is an OK product with a good regen system – and very good sound insulation. Interior quality is good.

Damn…. I like the e-Golf as it looks conventional and drives well

By the diagram, it looks like it will be RWD! Looks like even FWD expert VW knows that given the choice, RWD is the more upscale configuration of choice. The EV tech allows them to do it without a center driveshaft, mufflers, gas tank, etc.

I would think AWD is the only upscale option.

All Wheel drive is necessary for Canada! So are seat heaters.

Still sounds like VW does not intend to sell significant numbers of BEVs. But who would expect any German car maker to be dishonest?

Why even do a new ICE Golf? Dissappointed they are not dropping the ICE Golf altogether.

Get used to disappointment then. ICE powered cars and trucks are going to be around for quite a bit longer. The only thing that will hasten the demise of the ICE would be a significant breakthrough in battery technology.

That will likely be the case, EV fans don’t like hearing that so they believe what they want.

It is a top selling Model in many markets.
Why say no to millions in profit?
EVs us still 1% or less in many markets.

I really like the look of that ID concept.. I’d happily drive a car that looks like that! Of course, I suspect the final production car won’t look anywhere near that cool.

So then we will not have any ev in the US since the ID is destined for EU only. Could you find a way to suck even more, VW? Doubtful….

They would be lucky if the eGolf makes it to 2020 without its own demise in the market. My eGolf’s lease is up in a few months. I love the styling and comfort, but it’s just getting too far behind in Tech compared to the Leaf for what they are asking in price.

E-Golf sales are still increasing, and I think that will continue. At least in Europe.

Looks like you’ve quoted the wrong source article here – this appeared on The Motor Report before Drive.

Hopefully if the ID comes to the U.S. I can roll my e-Golf over into an I.D. in 2020.

Maybe swap my Leaf next year or in 2019 for a Bolt and then an I.D. when the e-Golf lease runs out.

Whatever VW say right now, I expect the I.D. to be sold in the U.S. EV sales will be up significantly by then, so they’d be stupid to not offer it.

Leaf maybe if you don’t need the Bolt’s range. As a current eGolf owner I will say that after getting back in the eGolf after test driving the Bolt, the difference in comfort was very, very apparent.

VW finally launched eGolf 2017 with most of them in California and 1 in Oregon.

Hope this should give some boost to sales as this model has 50% extra range and only a slight increase in cost.

I think they are trying to say: we don’t need a market competitive e-Golf. Let the others build competitive EVs.
Oh, and don’t hold your breath until the ID arives. They are making such statements every day and they change the dead lines every year.

VW doesn’t want in the EV businnes, they would rather go bankrupt. If they go all-in EV business they will be the losers and they know that.
They will keep selling ICEs as long as possible while making EV propaganda.

The front is fugly but the sideview is sexy