E-Fan Electric Airplane at ILA Berlin Air Show 2014 (Videos)




Airbus Group recently presented its E-Fan electric airplane at the ILA Berlin Air Show 2014.

This experimental machine, unveiled several weeks ago, is well suited as a training aircraft and it seems that Airbus Group will continue development and maybe even try to commercialize E-Fan.

“The electric E-Fan experimental aircraft display was a highlight of Airbus Group’s portfolio during ILA 2014, so we thought we would give you some more insight into this exciting project.”

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Quote: No vibration, makes a big difference.

We’ve heard that before 🙂

I’m into RC electric planes, copters and multi rotors so I really like the e-fan. The e-fan has an electric motor in the landing gear that helps get the airplane speed up at take-off. This technique results in longer battery endurance.

I’d like to see some aerobatics with this airplane. I would imagine we will see some video of that at some point.

Thx for the Video (couldn’t get the first one to play longer than 16 sec for some reason.)

Edit: I think it is a chain drive from the motor to the landing wheel.

Damn . . . that is a clever idea. Why not push against solid ground while you are still on the ground?

It is a great technique to cheat in swimming . . . push off the bottom. 🙂

It is already beyond “maybe even try to commercialize E-Fan”, they are talking about building at least 40 per month from 2017 on

I’m a huge fan of EVs but I can’t see electric aviation really becoming a thing . . . except for maybe niche things like solar powered eDrones. It is just too hard to get the energy density up there with batteries. And with liquid hydrocarbon fuel, your weight becomes less as you burn up the fuel.

On the other end an E-fan can potentially generate Electricity when going down to land. In a larger version you can imagine a 737 replacing the reverse trust, which is not only a waste of energy but even a consumption of extra energy to slow down, by a giant windmilling that recharge the battery. You can also size the generator on board an hybrid plane for average level flight power and rely on the battery buffer to provide pike power at takeoff. So you end up with free piston generators, a battery and powerful E-fans. Actually the peak power can even be higher than on conventional reactors and thus result in a vertical takeoff and landing 737 for real. Since you still use fuel for level flight, you also lose weight during the flight. This said a pure electric would not lose weight but then it could take advantage of the constant center of gravity, which would translate into somewhat leaner structure and no need for all the active pumping systems needed for the dynamic center of gravity keeping in a conventional jet. A last and considerable advantage of an electric airplane is that structural batteries could be applied in… Read more »

I can see something like this as a reasonable alternative to the tiny ICE powered flight trainers. Don’t know if any trainers exist that are not side-by-side seating, though.

Yes I want one. Nope, I cannot afford one. I wonder what will be at Oshkosh this year.