E-Bugster Speedster Drops Its Top for the First Time in Beijing

APR 23 2012 BY STAFF 1

We first saw the E-Bugster on a very cold Detroit morning, and fittingly it had its top up and wasn’t giving away any secrets. Not so for its official debut at the Beijing Auto Show today. Additionally, thanks to some earlier feedback about its looks, the car has been lowered as well, to give it a sportier look.


The car also has much deep and lower wheels that its parent Beetle. Perhaps for design esthetics, but more than likely to accommodate some very large 20″ wheels. Also, of note; the daytime running lights have been converted to LED, which add to the more aggressive and “electric” look of the car, provided the large E-Bugster decals on the side don’t give it away.


As for the specs. VW touts the lightweight (80 kg) of the onboard 115 HP engine, which adds to the performance. A zero to sixty time of around 11 seconds is claimed, so performance is relative, and the word “Speedster” may not be the proper adjective of choice. The lithium battery is rumored to be around 20 kWh and range is stated at 180 km (118 miles) in an urban setting, which translates to about 70 miles on the US EPA standard.


It is more than likely that the E-Bugster Speedster concept with stay just that, and is more of a show piece to feature the upcoming 2013 Beetle convertible.

Source: VW

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“zero to sixty time of around 11 seconds is claimed” Gotta say I am a little surprised it is that slow, this is a two seater after all. The five seat Leaf and four seat Volt are two seconds faster than that.