Dyson Working On Three Electric Cars, Not Just One



Dyson recently surprised many by admitting that rumors of its electric car pursuits were true, but now, the company is reportedly making plans for three EVs.

Yes, we’re talking about a premium vacuum maker. There have been rumors for some time that the company was covertly working on electric vehicle development. A few years ago, after the company invested $15 million in a battery start-up (Satkti3), Dyson’s chief executive officer responded to questions about EV ventures:

“We are ruling nothing out… Like our friends in Cupertino [where Apple is based] we are also unhealthily obsessive when it comes to taking apart our products to make them better.”

Not long after the comment, the vacuum maker fully acquired the solid-state battery company for $90 million. Around the same time, government documents pointed to the fact that the company was working on an electric car.

Those reports were substantiated by Sir James Dyson himself about five months back. The British company is aiming to bring an EV to market by 2020 and will invest $2.8 billion to make the dream a reality (if this holds true, this is a monumental investment when compared to most other manufacturers).

Eventually, the company plans to use solid-state batteries, and half of this money will be directed toward that goal. But, new information first reported by Financial Times shows that Dyson’s first electric car won’t likely use the new technology. The fact that we’re talking about its first car suggests there are more cars coming, right?

Yes, the gleaned information suggests that three cars are in the works. Dyson wouldn’t pump that kind of money into solid-state battery technology with no plans to use it. The first vehicle will be produced in lower volume (less than 10,000 units) and used to attract suppliers and customers. Following this, Dyson will reportedly release two more vehicles, both with solid-state batteries.

Sources: Autocar, Jalopnik

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Other cars will lose suction.


One of those rare occasions where I miss the thumbs up button on this comment section!


There was a thumbs up feature on InsideEVs??

I always thought it was the +1 system…


There are just too many possible suck jokes here to list….

Or you can go after their hand dryer business whose products “blow”

Let the floodgates open


On a serious note — these guys have to be taken seriously….well funded, know how to mass produce, have deep pockets, were successful in markets that everyone thought can only be won by price, etc…..

The’ve has several busts too…..so time will tell. (have you seen their hair dryer?)


One thing they are good at is marketing. They can sell a vacuum for 2 or 3 times competitors’s price and not really be any better functionally. That could help them stand out in the crowded EV startup arena.

Jake Brake

I expect the car to be over priced, well styled, and have cool aerodynamics. But it will likely have poor durability and sub par functionality. Hi design method seems similar to Fisker, focus on the art and styling then let the engineers deal with trying to make it work.


Dyson’s plans were based on the solid-state battery tech they acquired by buying Sakti3, the startup founded by Anne Marie Sastry. Turns out she abruptly left the company 3 months ago, see
Sastry’s gone on to found a software startup focused on learning tech. This sounds extremely odd, as none of the Sakti3 tech has yet been commercialized, and surely that would have been a much more challenging and interesting field to be in the next few years. In addition, Dyson abandoned all the related patents.
While we don’t know, the most reasonable conclusion, strengthened by the current article, is that Sakti3’s tech ended up a dead-end, and Dyson doesn’t have its own solid-state tech at this point.


I wondered what happened to Sakti3 and Sastry, she seems like a rising star then nothing…..


Doug Hill



Two will suck

One will blow you down the road

Warren M

Dyson does have a big product portfolio and deep pockets. I see their hand dryers in bathrooms everywhere.They have their room fans, and vacuums. I personally love my rechargeable car/home vaccum. It’s perfect for live ants and spider’s also. Spins them around till they are fully dizzy.


They will be making these cars in the not too distant future.

I still think the top photo looks like an MST3K publicity shot.

comment image

I’ll pass on the “suck and blow” jokes; I think we about exhausted those in comments to the last article on this subject. When I read in this article that Dyson “will invest $2.8 billion to make the dream a reality”, I thought “Oh, they are actually serious about putting a real electric car into production!” But then I read that half the money will be thrown at yet another attempt at solid state batteries. So no, Dyson isn’t serious about building mass produced EVs, or at least not those which can compete in the new car market in first-world countries. Maybe they can build a niche product such as a tiny, low-speed NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle). The article also says: “Yes, the gleaned information suggests that three cars are in the works. Dyson wouldn’t pump that kind of money into solid-state battery technology with no plans to use it.” Well, I agree with the second sentence but not the first. Dyson could certainly use solid-state batteries in their cordless vacuum sweepers, and it’s that kind of small appliance (or consumer electronics, such as a cellphone or a tablet computer) in which solid-state batteries will almost certainly first appear, years… Read more »

I thought 2.8bil$ is not even enough if they didn’t throw half in batteries … if they are serious to put 3 cars on the road. It would be the lowest costs to bring 3 modern cars on road in the history of car manufacturing.

They either meant 28$bil$ or they simply are blowing (sorry) smoke by all of us.


“Exhausted” … cute. ?

Martin Tesar

Dyson, never will own one of their products – in recent times especially their product quality / reliability & design is just crap.
Don’t think the car market can take another manufacture with over hyped under whelming product. They are dreaming.

You want to buy a car from these clowns…. best they start making reliable quality vacuum cleaners first. Stick to Miele thanks.


I never owned Dyson sucker, but I have had Miele for 10 years. It just keeps running and well. I spoke to a shop the other day where I buy the bags and he said he has to offer fixing other brands, otherwise he would be out of business with Miele in a month.

Certainly quality product, but I am not sure if that easily translates into car manufacturing. Me think not …


If he is smart, 1 or more of those will be commercial vehicles esp delivery vans.


Vacuum jokes suck.


Dyson sells over-hyped over-priced just-okay products that should go for a third of they price.

The marketing is focused on the “genius” of their CEO which I lack to see (in the technical field, I can tell how he’s a marketing “genius”) and “disrupting” technology that is in fact not (“digital” motor = brushless, nothing more).

I’m astonished they succeeded in selling $500 hair dryers but selling to housewifes and the car manufacturing are two different leagues, and I don’t think that kind of BS is going to stick in the car industry. Wait and see.