Dyson To Enter Electric Car Segment Too?

Sir James Dyson with vacuum cleaner

SEP 18 2015 BY MARK KANE 24

Dyson, a British company involved in vacuum cleaners, fans and heaters, after the investment in Sakti3 battery start-up earlier this year, seeks to possibly enter the electric car segment.

Max Conze, chief executive, was asked about following Tesla and Apple. He said:

“We are ruling nothing out… Like our friends in Cupertino [where Apple is based] we are also unhealthily obsessive when it comes to taking apart our products to make them better.”

Sakti3 is developing batteries for “our hand-held devices“, but “Sakti3 has the best remit to deliver breakthrough technology into other industries though I could not comment on what they are.

We should add that many of us hope that Sakti3 batteries will eventually power electric cars, but only time will tell if that happens and what role Dyson will play.

Source: The Telegraph via Yahoo Finance

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BMW beat him to the punch !

The i3, currently is both a car and it sucks !

You sound bitter about something.

Are you being ironic? With a name such as “Disappointed” what emotional flavor would you expect besides bitterness?

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

LOL..I agree the i3 resembles a toy when on the road but it is better than a gas guzzler.

Should have said the Mirai, it at least has the air suckers in the front.

Is that a picture of James Dyson or Tim Cook?

Don’t know… it kinda looks like an episode of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” to me.

LOL! I loved that show.

Ok I have to do it now we are talking MST3K (from 1:00min):

Great post Foo! 😀

Their cars will probably be severely over-priced, just like their vacuum cleaners.

I’ve had a dyson for at least ten years with no issues what so ever. Before that I was tossing “cheap” units every two years or so.

So the world will finally get some digital motors for EVs.

The EV1 arguably had digital phase twenty years ago.

Dyson didn’t invent the digital motor by any means. It’s his way of being apple and claiming to have come up with something so revolutionary. Dyson is more marketing BS than anything.


No car or even any decent motor who needs fine speed control uses a brush controlled motor like most vacuums do.

Dyson looks pretty rough to be doing a PR spot.

Quick, somebody hand him a Bloody Mary laced with horse radish.

On a more serious note, Shastri says she wants to take her solid state battery into consumer electronics first. In the article above, Dyson seems to agree with this path for the battery.

Who knows… Dyson might be planning to put the damn thing in his vacuum cleaners.

That is if her batteries ever actually work, which I am fairly confident that they won’t…

What is the source of your confidence that they won’t work?

I think there are enough companies doing “Segway Hoverboards” these days, that Dyson should just stick to vacuums.

The idea that Dyson might want this solid state battery for his vacuum cleaners may not be so far out after all. Think about it. With a cordless vac. you won’t be hooking the cord on all the furniture, knocking stuff over, breaking things, tripping over the cord etc. Hey, that sounds good to me. The solid state batteries that I’m aware of are still your basic Li-ion chemistry. What a solid electrolyte does is eliminate the liquid jelly or paste electrolyte layer. There are a number of advantages. No more leaking battery cells. Hey, I can live with that. Solid state offers greater storage capacity and maybe longer shelf life too. It might be the next real advance (breakthrough) in battery technology. Right now things are rocking along at about 8% improvement per year. If solid state batteries can double the battery energy density (all else being equal), then that’s a mind boggling 100% improvement over what we have today. In other words it would double the range of today’s electric car. I think the solid state approach is worth looking into. Just like everyone else, I’m tired of battery vaporware and broken promises. On the other hand batteries… Read more »

Absolutely, nothing farfetched here at all.

Not just Dyson (IIRC, already >50@ of their domestic vacuum models are cordless); Black & Decker is also concentrating on this area, as are most vacuum-cleaner vendors.

Seriously, my Dyson handheld’s battery died after 6 months, I now have an ebay $20 replacement that has been good for 3 years.

Please don’t dyson, we don’t need overpriced overhyped crap that fails quickly.
Stick to your products that fail to suck long term. Dyson cars will suck from the getgo.