Dyno Testing Tuned Tesla Model S P90++ (Video)

FEB 12 2017 BY MARK KANE 9

Jason Hughes, also known as @wk057/Twitter, has released another update on his Tesla Model S P85 project, which after a software update and getting the ‘yellow treatment’ was turned in the quickest RWD Tesla yet – called P90++.

Tesla Model S P90++ Dyno Testing – First tuned Model S

The car is only rear-wheel drive but was altered from a P85 to the 90 kWh upgrade w/Ludicrous pack, and achieves the modified/improved result via convincing the software there is also a front motor operating in the vehicle to up the output in the rear.

“Did some dyno testing of my modified Tesla Model S P85 (RWD). We’ve dubbed it the P90++ (with an underline for Ludicrous mode).”

In result on the dyno P90++ got:

  • 553 RWHP
  • 480 ft/lbs RWTQ

As a refresher, the standard Model S P85 RWD puts out 420 hp and 443 ft/lbs of torque.

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Go Jason!

Tuning an electric car is quite different from a gas car indeed. Hacking the software is one way of course. Replacing the power transistors in the inverter with higher gain ones could be a method. Then you’d probably need to increase the voltage of the battery and finish off with a higher power electric motor… sounds expensive.

hmm.. and changing the reduction gear ratio. Going back to the software, maybe you could increase the sine wave frequency that is sent to the power transistors in the inverter? Maybe overclocking the processor would do?

It is kind of a trade off. Higher switching frequencies mean higher inverter losses, but lower motor losses. So identifying the bottleneck is key to this problem.

The easiest physical performance increase I can think of is a more powerful cooling system. Add that to a Software tune and it would be something I’d pay for.

558 hp at the wheels and 458 kW at the pack resolves to a drive train efficiency of just shy of 91%. Not bad. This includes losses in electronics, motor and reduction gear.

Reliability likely takes a hit. I like how this website uses the term “update” instead of hacked software.

Tesla should void the warranties of vehicles “updated” in such manner.

More power(pun intended) to Jason. I think it’s quite obvious he’s not too worried about his warranty related to his battery/drivetrain.

So what. It won’t make one lap at Nurburging.

So what? Its in Germany.