Dutch Plug-In EV Market Doubled In January 2019

FEB 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 9

It’s better than one would expect

Despite the collapse of premium electric car sales in January (because higher taxes), the overall plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands doubled.

EV Sales Blog reports 3,271 sales at 6.9% market share, thanks to strong results from moderately priced BEVs. Sucha result is pretty encouraging taking into consideration the upcoming boost from new models, including the Tesla Model 3.

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – January 2019

The top three models were:

536 Kona Electric and 155 Kia e-Niro proves that the South Korean manufacturer is gaining traction with BEVs. Apparently, thousands of customers are waiting for deliveries of their Hyundai/Kia BEVs.

It’s also interesting that Volkswagen manages to sell significantly more e-Golfs, than Nissan does LEAFs.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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Another Euro point of view

This does not surprises me that much because, as I understood it, the change in taxes does not affect the EVs under EUR 50’000 and even EVs which price is above EUR 50’000 still benefit from the tax incentives for part of price below EUR 50’000. For example a Tesla Model 3 should benefit of like 80%-90% of EV tax incentives depending whether it is base price (EUR 55K) or above.

If vaporware is in the top spot then what are the others?

What do you mean?

Another Euro point of view

He means that the other cars on this list must be super super vaporware. You know, cars which can only be seen as concept renderings and which realease date is for ever five years from now.

Seems like a jab at the pro-Tesla trolls, that claim every non-Tesla EV is compliance or vaporware.

In is that way in fact :
Tesla has 81% BEV market share in markets with model 3 in 2018, and growing.
The traditionnal ICE manufacturers get a 22% of the BEV market worldwide, decreasing.
All of the 78% BEV is Chinese & Tesla EV only manufacturers, tesla being at 33%, the biggest player worldwide.

Traditionnal manufacturers have really only insignificant sales, appart from Nissan.


A sensible list with an over-priced car first at position 8.

Tesla Model-3 has started its game. Let it play, let it play, let it play.
See it rising in ranks in the coming months.

Seems Electric vehicles are nibbling at the share of diesel slowly.