Dutch BMW i3 Ad Needs No Translation – Video




This is one of those rare advertisements that overcomes language barriers in that, even if you don’t understand the Dutch language, no translation is needed to capture the essence of this brief BMW i3 commercial.



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Flying over the Nederlands yesterday and seeing the wind generators scattered (most are rather ordered) all over the landscape is a rather humbling experience. Eventually I should just stay for a day or two and see the country rather than just flying through Schiphol all the time.

It’s worth a visit. Small country, big history. We’re pretty decent people:-) with a lot of wind turbines..

There is nothing humbling about it. Almost all electricity in the Netherlands is produced from fossil fuels.
And when looking at total energy it gets even worse with around 95% of energy in the Netherlands coming from fossil fuels.

It’s rather scary that a developed country full of intelligent beings with a supposed general respect towards nature is doing that extremely bad.

They are not alone.

Don’t want to leave out solar, wind, etc. They are at the lower right. 🙁

Does anyone really think switching power sources in a 1000-2000 kilo vehicle, to transport a 100 kilo driver, is the answer to our transportation problems?

Part of the answer, yes definitely.

Whole answer? Not by a long shot.

Yes, because like it or not, people want cars, not bikes. There’s literally no barrier to most people taking up a bike as their mode of transport, and yet hardly anyone does if they can afford a car instead. Even when the weather is nice, only about 5% of us actually bike. And that number goes way, way down when the weather is decidedly *not* nice.

Not really. I would like nice, clean, easily accessible public transport. I could use the commute time to read newspaper or chat with people.

The solution that many city planners are thinking is to collocate residences with working places, so there is less need to commute. Imagine just taking the elevator to reach your work. Electric cars, even if 100% pollution free, doesn’t solve the congestion problem.

There are plenty of places with nice, clean easily accessible public transports. But that only goes so far, people have different needs and you quickly get out of the big city zones with congestion and public transport that makes economical sense.

Of course public transport is part of the answer too. Especially in places like the US where public transport is almost non-existant or in high density cities/countries/regions like China where a high-speed rail could have 50 million potential customers while only stretching through a few houndred kilometers or so.

Cars will play a big role (and later on automated pods) for a long time to come. So we better get some biofuels and alternative drivetrains going big and that soon.

Alone, no. But second worst in the EU in percentage of total energy from fossil fuels.

I love smart people.

Great ad. Simplicity.

Agreed Mike. Selling performance instead of economy is what BMW does best.