Dutch Airport to Soon Get 100 Tesla Model S Taxis


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Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Group has announced that it will award Tesla Model S EVs to winners of a competition for Schiphol Airport taxis it presented awhile ago.

The winners are Zorgvervoer Central Netherlands BV, Willemsen -de Koning BV and Bergisch, Book & Hoff Frissen BV.

Those winners will receive Tesla Model S EVs starting on June 1.  The taxis will be in service for a minimum of 4 years, with the possibility of extending contracts out to 8 years.

All told, more than 100 Tesla Model S taxis will go into service courtesy of Schiphol Group.  As Schiphol says, the 100 Model S taxis will all be on the road by late 2014.

Schiphol will use the taxis to display its support for sustainable mobility at the airport.

Source: The Street Insider

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9 Comments on "Dutch Airport to Soon Get 100 Tesla Model S Taxis"

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What happened to those BYD electric buses that they were supposed to order a couple of years back?
Did they ever order them and recieve them? Are they running now? And if not, why didn’t it happen?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Do EV taxis get any benefits like reduced airport fees?

Woah. Talk about high-end taxi service. Someone else needs to build some large-battery EVs. We need something that costs a little less.

Not really, do the math. When you factor in savings in gasoline and maintenance. Those Tesla taxis will be cheapest taxi of them all.

I expect they will replace Merc E-class diesels unless someone in NL knows better

Think of all the ice taxis sitting and polluting waiting for fairs. It’s a win/win. More pleasant for travelers, high visibility, and less cost in the long run.

Nonsense. ICE engines don’t keep running while sitting and running.

Model S is quite good choice for taxi as it has unlimited 8 year warranty for battery. I somehow doubt that battery will last full eight years of professional driving and fast/super -charging.

But I may be wrong with my doubts. Therefore it is quite fair deal for Taxi driver. Like Steve said, at least in Europe there is quite high standard for taxis. And Mercedes E Class is not too rare as for taxi.

But anyway, when Model E will be introduced, all the will be just disrupted as every Taxi entreprenour in Europe and probably also in the rest of the world will queue for new Model E!

Unlimited 8 year warranty? Exactly what does it mean?

I suppose, the burden will be on the owner to prove that the warranty conditions are not met. You say ‘I can go only 100 miles now, not 200’. But Tesla technician can then drive it at snail’s pace and go 200 miles.
I see a big gray area here..