Dubai Police Get A BMW i8 – Video

MAR 12 2015 BY JAY COLE 13

Latest Police Services Vehicle In Dubai

Latest Police Services Vehicle In Dubai

We aren’t sure exactly who makes the decisions on what cars are included in the police services fleet in Dubai, but we do know their budget is too darn high.

Then again, perhaps this was strictly a fuel efficiency decision, as the force’s Bugatti Veyron was just eating up too much of their hors d’oeuvres budget.

Other oddities in the fleet? Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF, Bentley Continental GT and Aston Martin One all fit right in…but the Renault Twizy?  Yes, they have one of those too.

Hat tip to Mark h!

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I abjectly apologize for all my posts poo-pooing the idea that any police department would spend the money for a Tesla Model S for a patrol cruiser. Dubai should switch to the Model S P85D and save money! 🙂

I’d be concerned the criminal in the back seat (assuming he fits) could mess with the driver. They’ll need some plexiglass.

I’d be afraid that a detainee would sue you for cruel & unusual punishment for making you sit in that back seat. 😉

LOL! 🙂

Have fun trying to get out of the vehicle quickly, to apprehend criminals… :p

When you buy gasoline, that is where some of that money is going.

The top income tax rate in UAE 0%, Suadi Arabia is 2.5%, Qatar 0%, Oman 0%, Brunei 0%!

I bought my Nissan leaf for so many reasons, I love it, its a great car that does everything I need but really, I would have bought an awful, tinny little crappy car that could only barley meet my needs to avoid paying someone elses tax.

Freeloading oil exporting nations p**s me off like you wouldn’t believe.


Oil is a valuable resource and they were simply lucky. It is their country, their oil, they can do with it what they want. Their choice.

Our dependence on it is the problem, and that is our sole responsibility. Our choice.

In some ways I agree with you but if every nation that had a big % of a resource market behaved like OPEC the world would cease to function. There is a fine line between getting a fair price for your goods and price fixing. OPEC, in my opinion, have crossed that line.

The irony of course is that if OPEC hadn’t boosted the market value of oil there would be far less drive to more efficient cars.

Every nation does what it think is necessary to defend its interests. To think the Middle Eastern countries are bad for using the means at their disposal to do so is, sorry to say it, hypocritical.

Alsmost every nation has ‘blood on their hands’ in this respect. The US just as much as Europe, Russia, China. I see no reason for any citizen of any country to feel better than the others.

They are not ‘freeloading’, but they are lazily living off buried treasure that they happened to live above. That tends to create corruption everywhere except Norway and Canada (and it still happens in those places too).

Yeah, when you buy gasoline you are helping support Vladimir Putin and his kleptocracy, wealthy mid-East people that quietly fund jihadis, the Chavistas in Venezuela, corrupt dictators in Africa, etc. I do not want to participate in that.

These guys are offering me a 5008ev (an electric Zote) for $6400. It goes 480km chargers in 30 min etc. Is it too good to be true? I do not think so. I think that EVwest etc. are too expensive.