Dubai Getting Charged Up For Electric Vehicle Revolution


BMW i3 in Dubai

BMW i3 in Dubai

Tesla Model S Spotted in Dubai

Tesla Model S Spotted in Dubai

Over in Dubai, the belief is that electric vehicles will be on the roads en masse within the next 18 months.

In order to accomodate the expected influx of electric vehicles, Dubai’s “power chiefs” are currently discussing ways to get public charging infrastructure installed.

The consensus is that most of the public-use stations will be installed at sites such as hotels and shopping malls

As The National states:

“Dewa, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, intends to test 100 electric cars in its own fleet over the next two years.”

“We just started our strategy,” Saeed Al Tayer, Dewa chief and vice chairman of Dubai’s Supreme Council of Energy.”

“The next step is to discuss this with our partners, like the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Municipality, Emaar, Dubai Holding and Nakheel – and we already started actually – in order to ensure that we have the right information and also to make sure that we have the right locations.”

Dubai "Special Car" - Renault Twizy

Dubai “Special Car” – Renault Twizy

“New initiatives require coordination and cooperation from all partners. There will be a very clear road map in order to start with the infrastructure, location-wise.”

So, it seems Dubai wants to get ahead of the curve in regards to charging station installs, at least in regards to location.  By carefully studying the usage patterns of these 100 electric vehicles, the right decisions can be made as to where public chargers are needed.

Initially, most of Dubai’s electric vehicles will be owned by fleets, but we suspect several plug-in vehicles, like the Tesla Model S and Porsche Panemera S E-Hybrid will be highly popular among the wealthy citizens of Dubai.

As of today, no electric vehicles are offered for sale by the various dealers in Dubai, largely due to the non-existent charging infrastructure, but we do know that the Nissan LEAF is on display there, so we suspect that soon the citizens of Dubai will be able to purchase EVs.

Source: The National

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It makes sense. The UAE will try and sell every CH4 molecule to bring money into the UAE. And it will use very little money to make solar parks and charging stations plus the free fuel called the SUN; to maintain its London status in the Gulf.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Don’t get high on your own supply!

The i3 sports a German number plate. The landscape also looks a little like Germany, except for the palm tree. Now, I am confused.

It does not look like Germany, compare eg the traffic sign

Wait… don’t the UAE get most(all) of their wealth from oil? So, they will happily sell the dirty, messy, pollution-generating fuels to others, and turn around and use the proceeds to buy EVs for themselves?

No, that would be Norway 🙂 So if you sat on a few million barrels of oil, would you stubbornly say, no, nobody’s getting this baby, go use the oil from Texas, Venezuela, Russia or Saudi Arabia…

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Depends on the price!

The best drug dealers, are never users… 😉

Al Maktoum (the Sheikh in dubai) have one model s himself, so maybe the (“political”) will exist to get a decent charge infrastructure upp and running.

but then again, he has most of the expensive cars their is..

Who really cares where they sell ’em? We need Tesla selling as many expensive S and X cars as possible so they stay in business…at least until the Gigafactory starts turning out better batteries for the masses.

Dubai does not has the Oil revenue. It is Abu Dhabi which has the oil revenue.

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