Dubai Considers Incentives For Electric Cars


Dubai "Special Car" - Renault Twizy

Dubai “Special Car” – Renault Twizy

Tesla Model S Spotted in Dubai

Tesla Model S Spotted in Dubai

Oil-rich Dubai is now considering offering incentives for electric cars.

Under consideration are programs to  subsidize the price of an electric car to promote more widespread use of the clean vehicles.

As Arabian Business reports:

The incentives would be part of the smart city initiative that Dubai is promoting, as it looks to make the use of electric cars more attractive.

Speaking at the inauguration of the first public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) said Dubai is looking at ways of encouraging people to use the vehicles.

“The Executive Council of Dubai is studying various proposals to encourage people to use eco-friendly vehicles,” Al Tayer told Gulf News.

“Having the infrastructure ready for charging the vehicles is a first step in this direction. Various other things are being looked at like reducing the customs duty or subsidising the cost for buyers,” he added.

Additionally, Dubai is considering waiving customs duty, reducing registration costs and offering dealership-level incentives for electric cars.

By the end of 2015, Dubai expects to have at least 100 public chargers in operation.

Source: Arabian Business

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15 responses to "Dubai Considers Incentives For Electric Cars"
  1. RS says:

    Over here in Germany, where madam Merkel considers herself to be the environmental chancellor, we have almost no EV initiatives. In Dubai, which got rich by selling oil, ruled by a hereditary monarch, is considering to promote eco friendly cars… Has it really come this far?

    1. sven says:

      Norway also got rich and stays rich by selling oil, and it has some of the most generous EV subsidies on the planet.

      1. Speculawyer says:

        Norway is wise.

      2. Josh says:

        Don’t get high on your own supply…

  2. andreas says:

    Mme.Merkel heavily protects the home industry,even brown coal,or auspuffgase….(included).Ordinary germans wouldn’t do any spectacular sacrifices…for the Umwelt neither…(unless verbally).There is more future seeking in Paris…hundreds of rental electric cars….TGV…etc.

  3. Brian says:

    Very telling that a place that got rich off of oil is considering subsidizing its potential replacement.

    Then again, they know that they can still sell oil to the rest of the world – particularly those here in ‘Merica. So the less they burn themselves, the more they export for a huge profit.

    1. sven says:

      Just like Norway. 😀

      1. Brian says:

        Excellent point!

    2. Maybe that should become the new motivation of the US – Go So widespread Electric in Transportation – that they can Sell their Oil – Again!

      The US spends $700 billion a year on oil subsidies which works out to $5,737 per taxpayer, And they say Electric Vehicle subsidies are High!

      Fossil fuels subsidised by $10M a minute, says IMF – Oil subsidies:

  4. Hastings says:

    OMG! What next? This is like Shell and Exon CEO driving a Tesla.

    1. Aaron says:

      Well, for the first time, IBM employees can now order an Apple computer as their work desktop, so stranger things have happened.

      1. Brian says:

        IBM no longer sells personal computers. They sold that business off to Levono years ago. So it’s not really the same thing at all.

  5. Miles says:

    No EV incentives in Australia. This is due to a parasitic Abbott Government. The sooner this idiot leaves, the better the nation will be.

  6. Lensman says:

    So, the photo illustrating an article about Dubai, where it often gets up to 113° F during summer — with 90% humidity! — and where only the desperately poor don’t stay inside air conditioned buildings as much as possible during the heat, shows a Twizy that not only doesn’t have an air conditioner, it doesn’t even have doors!

    Ummm… I don’t think so.

  7. Pat says:

    Does Engadget do even basic research before these green puff pieces? If they did, they’d know Dubai has essentially no oil, which is why they made such a big play to be an alternate financial market to NYC/London.