Dual-Motor AWD Tesla Model 3 Coming This July, Says Musk


White interior expected to be available then too.

In the overnight hours, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to answer some Model 3 related questions.

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One question that we often hear was voiced again last night on Twitter and Musk actually responded, but with even more intel than expected:

That 5,000 units a week figure is something Tesla mentioned just recently in its Q1 sales/production release. Tesla stated this:

“Given the progress made thus far and upcoming actions for further capacity improvement, we expect that the Model 3 production rate will climb rapidly through Q2. Tesla continues to target a production rate of approximately 5,000 units per week in about three months, laying the groundwork for Q3 to have the long-sought ideal combination of high volume, good gross margin and strong positive operating cash flow.”

So, provided all of the stars align correctly, we’ll see the dual-motor AWD Tesla Model 3 arrive sometime around July, along with the white interior option. At that same time, or rather slightly before, Model 3 production will be clipping along at 5,000 units per week too.

Lastly, Musk responded to a reservation issue too, one that perhaps has been bothersome to some of our readers:

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Seems about right. I got that one I wonder how close I am on the others.

So when is the base 3 going to start seeing deliveries? And will Canada get any soon?
I can’t wait to see what happens to sales in the months after production hits 5,000 per week.

First Canadian already got their invites few weeks ago, should have the first deliveries later this month 🙂


I can expect Musk et al. to not even count or mention the ones who put down $1k hoping for that mythical “$35k Tesla” – you know, the price tag they actually used to lure the 400k reservations in – but whoever wrote this article should have the minimal journalistic obligation to say something about this lack of mention in the commentary.

Actually, in the story title.

Yup, another forum member predicted this:

The $35K base model will be delayed, then shipped in extremely low volume and finally cancelled, citing “low demand”.

It’s a bit low but I don’t blame them. They really need cash flow but you won’t see me paying $5K for a half-baked option. I used to live in Mountain View.

Blame Tesla or not, insideevs.com should not help Tesla hide the $35k option and its would-be, already-paying waitlisted customers (who I suspect, originally were at least a plurality if not an outright majority).

That’s not how journalism is supposed to work.

A story highlighting the AWD option rollout (who cares about that, really? Is the model 3 designed to be an offroad vehicle?) and not even saying a word about the base $35k option’s continued neglect, is journalistic malpractice.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“AWD option rollout (who cares about that, really? Is the model 3 designed to be an offroad vehicle?)

Snow and Ice on the freeway?
Fuken dumbass.

That’s what winter tires are for.

AWD doesn’t help you stop on ice, nor does it steer better in snow. The only time when AWD helps you in snow is if you’re already dug in and need all 4 wheels to move to get you out of a snowed in parking spot (or a ditch given your low winter skills!). I sure hope THAT is not what you’re experiencing when you’re on a freeway. Those of us who actually drive in winter conditions change our tires for the season.

Funny, I was talking to a fellow S owner with a 3 reservation. We are both waiting for a AWD option. So at least 2 people care. He lives in snow country but probably doesn’t like the snow tire inconvenience, cost, etc. I live in an area where we get snow covered roads about 2 days a year. Nice for AWD then but mostly I want it for wet traction because it rains nearly everywhere sometimes. I also like it for even tire wear. I like to accelerate quickly. He had to replace rear tires at 30k miles and I have AWD already and went to 40k and did all 4 – perfect wear with no rotating. There are lots of advantages of AWD beyond off roading. Efficiency also. Sure it is a luxury and not necessary but there are tons of people waiting to pay more for it. I would also point out that even in snow country (or at least what I consider snow country), it is a tiny minority that does snow tires. No care enthusiast is going to change that. I lived in Buffalo and had snow tires. My sports car could run circles around everything… Read more »

“The $35K base model will be delayed, then shipped in extremely low volume and finally cancelled, citing ‘low demand’.”

Once again, the anti-Tesla FUDsters show their contempt of readers, posting obvious bull pucky that only the extremely clueless could possibly believe.

They have contempt for themselves, too; why else would they have turned themselves into compulsive liars?

Or perhaps some of them are Russia troll farm employees. It’s been documented that Russia has branched out its online trolling activity to include all sorts of controversial issues, not just political ones, in an attempt to stir up divisiveness and tribalism in America.

Hey PP,
Before you brazenly cast anti Tesla-FUDsters on any point of view besides “GO TESLA”, read my posts.

I am a major proponent of BEVs but I also point out the shortcomings. If there weren’t any, BEVs would be flying off the shelves. Be realistic. I own no BEV manufacturer stock so I have no interest in pumping up their stock.

Not only that, I am very pro Tesla but not a fan of some of their money-grabbing strategies.
– Boosting prices of options.
– Exorbitant part replacement costs, backpedaled when complaints got publicity.
– Exorbitant service cost, backpedaled when complaints got publicity.
– Deletion of 40kWh and 60kWh models. This is probably why the other forum member predicted TM3 base $35K will disappear. If you read Tesla’s reports, cash flow is a big deal so it is very reasonable (and the right thing) for Tesla to make the $35K base disappear. What is wrong with saying that? How is this a FUD?

Deletion of 60kwh option? That was only done when 70kwh came out at the same price.

With a higher margin dual motor Performance Model 3 in the line up, they may be able to afford to start building some of the low priced cars.

Or, start watching the Used Car market.
There’s going to be some nice guys who will sell their current Model 3 to get the latest, greatest Dual Motor Model 3P.

You could very well do better buying used, instead of waiting for the $35,000 car.

Of course there is going to be a $35K Model 3. All cars have ostensibly cheap entry level versions that nobody orders because they lack essential equipment. So there will be a $35K version that everybody will speck out to $40K+ but not until demand for more profitable $50K+versions has been satisfied.

I think you and I differ widely on the definition of “essential equipment”. LOL If it were really lacking essential equipment, you would not be able to drive it off the lot. What you really mean is- lacking all the fluffy gadgets, gizmos and creature comforts we have convinced ourselves we just have to have.

so how much for the base with autopilot?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Wouldn’t AP not make it “Base” anymore?

The “base” Model 3 will eventually include AP (and the “base” price will jump to $40k accordingly). That’s almost a given, as it costs Tesla $0 to switch on AP.

Now will a $35k Model 3 ever see delivery outside of a token handful? I wouldn’t bet on it. It will be killed due to “low demand”, like the 40 kWh Model S was.

Right. So now you have predicted something for the upty umpt time. We get it.

I’m curious about the $4K “premium interior” option — from the contents, that looks like the highest-margin upsell. Will they ever sell a car without it, or will it be dropped due to “low demand”?
One of the option’s features is is power mirrors(*)… Given Tesla’s distaste for buttons, let alone actual mechanical levers, I somehow can’t see them providing the latter to adjust mirrors from inside the car (*). So how will it work in the absence of the premium option? Wouldn’t surprise me if the driver can only adjust them manually from outside by full opening the window.

(*) Even adjusting the steering wheel is done via power assist, which sounds even more bizarre than the glove compartment stuff.

Good to hear about the Canadian invites! That makes getting the AWD deliveries started even more important! I hear parts of Canada get a good bit of snow. Just a rumor but it may have a grain of truth to it. 😉

My Mom’s ranch in Montana just got ANOTHER foot of snow, AWD sounds good to me!

@ziv said: “So when is the base 3 going to start seeing deliveries?”

My guess is ~Sep the Model 3 base will start production but for first 12 months be capped on a production unit ratio (perhaps around 30%) in order to maintain a good average margin.

It’s all about Tesla striking the right balance to both serve the best interest of Tesla’s shareholders and also the Model 3 base reservation holders.

According to a sales rep at the local Tesla store, base model $35k version won’t be seen until early 2019.

Yes, there will be no base model 3 ($37k plus tax with delivery and non black paint) until after the full tax credit is done. So not before Q1 2019.

They will manage US deliveries so #200k comes (just) after 6/30/18

I hesitate to use the word “consensus”, because you rarely find a consensus online about any subject; but many if not most of the better-informed Tesla fans think we won’t see the “Standard Range” (i.e., short range) Model 3 until early 2019.

Interesting point about that coinciding with the coming drop in Federal tax rebate to half, also starting Jan. 1, 2019. Coincidence, or a plan on Tesla’s part? I can’t be entirely planning; Tesla planned to have produced a much larger volume of TM3’s by now!

Tesla announced over a month ago that the base model wasn’t coming till late 2018, at the same time they originally said mid 2018 for the dual motor. Which Musk just confirmed with this tweet.

Except Elon uses the wish-washy “probably” qualifier. I mean even when he gives iron clad dates/figures (20k Model 3/month in Dec/200k in 2017 anyone?), he still busts them, so you need a boulder of salt to take his “probably July” estimate seriously. Lol

I imagine that Canada is about to start getting a lot of deliveries to strategically time the 200k trigger in the US to come early in Q3, which is when AWD will apparently also be available. Then, priority will probably be on US buyers for the rest of the year to max out tax credit eligibility for them.

I would not be surprised to see an additional 200k+ reservation deposits being placed for Model 3 within 60 days of start of production for Model 3 AWD.

The Model 3 RWD reviews have been generally very positive but when the performance specs for the AWD get published and professional and amateur reviews for Model 3 AWD start appearing it will result in a large 2nd wave of consumers placing reservation deposits for Model 3.

So for those thinking about maybe Model 3 being their next car (irrespective of configuration) they would be smart to get in their reservation deposit prior to start of AWD production… just my $0.02 and what I’m telling my friends that say they are interested in Model 3.

The upside in all of this that it should further motivate the traditional car makers to get the move-on with their EV program.

Yup, I have 2 reservations. Looking to get a TM3 Dual Motor Long Range and a TM3 base version.

I lamented that the base might not show up (at least in any significant volume) and got called a FUDster, liar, Russian troll, etc. Amazing!!

July of which year? 2020? Seeing how they’re always late, might be July of 2025. I could care less, though. Just catch up to demand, AWD or not! There are 500K people waiting!!!

Yeah, my first mental calculation upon reading that tweet was July (Elon calendar) = October…

They targeted 2,500/week by end of Q1 and almost made it reaching 2,000/wk.

5,000/wk was the target for end of Q2. So, it’s safe to assume they aren’t going to hit that mark. But July is start of Q3, and it’s conceivable by end of July they could hit that mark. The optimist in me says we could see AWD deliveries in August. Maybe a few in July. The realist/pessimist says September/October.

It doesn’t really matter to me, because I’m not the kind to shell out that much deposit cash for a product I haven’t yet tested or driven or seen. I want to be able to go to a store, test drive the car I want on the lot, and drive it home that day. So maybe 2020 for used AWD Model 3?

No one asked about the price?

Elon needs to make sure today’s online reservations do not cut the line. Maybe we need President Tweet to jail the line cutters LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

You could not keep the subject to Model 3. Had to talk stupid.

Did you really expect anything else?

Hi Bob

It’s like his call sign. It’s nothing to get all bent out of shape over.

If clean air is the goal it would be much better to spend all the tax credit money and state rebates on subsidizing the removal of old vehicles from the road.

Ban diesel for non-commercial use, and subsidize replacement with EV’s.

Ban Diesel, Period.

Realistically, a used car is better than a new EV. Sure, a couple people might keep their old cars, but I would imagine that a lot of people dump them onto the used market once they get an EV. Also, a number of them are already coming from an EV or hybrid.

If you really believe that BS then you will have no problem participating in the gas guzzler challenge where you sit in your a used gas guzzler for 8 consecutive hours with engine running no bathroom breaks parked inside a garage with all doors and windows closed and I will do the same in my all electric nissan leaf SV. We can flip a coin to see who goes first and we can livestream it. I’m at ggslp71@live.com. CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

What does ‘coming this July’ mean? That could just be another reveal event – not actual production – and certainly not actual deliveries.

And you know AWD is going to move ahead of the mythical $35k Model 3, so there’s even less chance that car will actually be built.

If you truly believe this, short them, you’ll get fifthly rich, right?

Musk stated AWD will be under $5000 so many guess $4900, Musk stated AWD would be available by the end of the year and later the Model 3 configurator displayed AWD available in the Spring…Even Tesla’s biggest fans expect them to stop accepting pre-orders on the $35K base, many think they’ll do it quietly before a single non-VIP buyer is delivered but that the $35K model will be available to reservations holders…The destination fee is $1000, that could rise, also currently only black doesn’t carry an extra fee…

I don’t expect them to drop the $35,000 car, until there is a viable used car market for the Model 3.

Because once that happens, there will be no demand for the $35,000, as you’ll get a better offer in the used car market with more equipment.

Right – because people use rational thought in buying cars? Just like now, there is no market for the S75?