Dual-Motor AWD Tesla Model 3 Spotted Out Driving

Red Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 in its dual-motor, all-wheel-drive configuration is set to arrive in the spring of 2018.

It seems that the dual-motor all-wheel-drive Tesla Model 3’s for which the automaker recently registered VINs are now being manufactured.

We recently reported that Tesla had registered VINs 8370-8388 with the NHTSA, and these vehicles were identified through VIN identification as the upcoming dual-motor variety. As we always point out, VINs don’t necessarily relate to the number of vehicles produced, nor do they mean that the car has been, or is going to be, built within any specific timeframe.

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However, in this case, at least one of these registered VINs (5YJ3E1EB3JF008370) has come off the assembly line and was spotted on public roads in San Francisco. This particular car was registered on January 20, so it took no longer than five weeks from VIN assignment to completion. The Model 3, as Tweeted by Ride the Lightning podcast host Ryan McCaffrey, is red with 19-inch Sport wheels.

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According to Tesla, these cars won’t be produced and delivered to customers until later in 2018, so this car is almost surely a test vehicle. At one point, the automaker was stating that the all-wheel-drive version of the Model 3 would be out this Spring. However, now some reservation holders are saying that the website shows “Late 2018.”

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Yes good things come to those who wait and wait and wait and wait ….

And wait, wait, wait, wait in the case of an affordable Model 3.

And still waiting for most of the laggard, legacy OEMs to even announce AWD EVs much less have any for sale.

That’s because Tesla loses money on every sale. Other manufacturers know better.

yeah, another troll at work.
Technically, Tesla is making money on each and every car they sell.
It is all the rest of the spending that is costing them.
And once they have production up, this is a none issue, according to all of the finance ppl in the know.

Good ol’ zeroelectrics is at it again.

Thank you Seven E’s for that thoughtful, if brief, exposition.
The veil has been lifted from my eyes!

So “Tesla loses money on every sale” just like Toyota on the 2004 Prius. Who knew?

One day you’ll get one troll

well, if all you wanted was announcement by legacy, that was 3-4 years ago. Nearly all have announced AWD EVs just in 2014/2015 time frame.

Yeah, exactly. I suppose there are some announced now, though Tesla continues to be the only place I can actually go to BUY one, and for that matter I still can’t figure out why I’d buy a Jag over a Tesla (unless I were married to a mechanic I suppose).

If you broaden your horizons to PHEVs and not just BEVs, then there are a few more. (I don’t have such broad horizons myself, but some do.)

What’s hilarious is the serial anti-Tesla troll 7 Fool Cells/Tesla Shorts wants us to believe that he now owns a Model 3 to go along with his other pretend electrics!

What a dumbass if he thinks anyone here believes any of his whiney, repetitive Seeking Liars’ FUD except for his fellow shills, shorters and haters.

“What’s hilarious is the serial anti-Tesla troll 7 Fool Cells/Tesla Shorts wants us to believe that he now owns a Model 3 to go along with his other pretend electrics!”

😆 😆 😆

Yes, it’s absolutely hilarious that this Tesla Hater cultist thinks anyone will believe that he actually bought either a Tesla Model X or a Tesla Model 3, given all the hater posts he’s written attacking both!

Hey, 3/4/5/6/7/8 Pretend Electrics, which set of lies are we supposed to believe? All your FUD comments bashing these cars, or your claims to have bought them after bashing them for so long?

The proper answer: Neither!

I also find it hilarious how this troll keeps incrementing the number of EVs he pretends to “own”. He started off calling himself “Three Electrics”, and now he’s up to seven. Does he actually think that his posts are going to be more impressive if he keeps increasing the number of imaginary cars he “owns”?

😆 😆 😆

The number probably refers to the number of EV’s (s)he has spotted in the wild.

My access says ‘Mid 2018’, for AWD.

Mine says Late 2018 (in Pac.NW – w/day 1 reservation)

Same as MikeM for me as I am in PacNW and signe up 1st day. I did as soon as you could online since I was travelling that day and could not in store, so I would be after store orders earlier in that 1st day.

Interested in more of your details pjwood1.

Waiting is part of the pleasure, too bad you do not understand that.

They will probably put a some out this Summer, if only to get a few more out on the road. I think we will see it long before the 35k version arrives, which I am targeting for Summer 2019.

My reservation for a dual-motor AWD long-range Model 3 shows “mid 2018” 🙂

They need to get their manufacturing line running smoothly before introducing another variety of vehicle. Especially the dual motor — which I assume is assembled at the Gigafactory. All hands are getting the new battery module bot up and running!

OK, a company with relatively low production experience , a complicated new production process, questionable financial position and supposedly huge demand would be smart to build as few variants as possible until production is running very smoothly, and only add variants once demand for those initial variants starts to wane.

So after delivering just a few thousand Model 3s, is:
1) Tesla not very smart
2) demand for premium RWD variants really low

3) those 19 VINs are just for pre-production test units

They would have a different VIN.

Correct. All the preproduction cars had their own unique vin’s. Besides, the first pre-production AWD Model 3’s have already been on the road doing testing for about half a year. These are production intent cars.

2) demand for premium RWD variants really low

I think it’s pretty clear that Tesla has pretty much exhausted the demand for Model 3’s with the specific options that it is currently producing. That was made fairly clear from reports that people were putting in new reservations for a Model 3, and getting delivery times of just a few weeks — so long as they chose from the few options currently available.

Definitely time for Tesla to put more Model 3 options into production.

Sounds right. In my opinion, most of the reservation holders (say, two thirds) want the base 35k version. Hard to say will Tesla be happy with the gross margin of the bare bones short range RWD.

I’m in the EU and LR RWD premium autopilot for nearly 60k€ just doesn’t make much sense for the majority. Of course, there will be some demand for such cars but it is the price level of a nicely equipped premium car – not the largest market segment.

My reservation for a dual-motor standard Model 3 shows “Late 2018”

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Hmm……, I’m going to cover my VIN on all my cars now.


It is quite rude to take a picture of it and post it. In France it is even probably illegal since it is a violation of the owner privacy.

Is it illegal in France to take a picture of a person’s house from the street, too?

If the VIN is considered “private”, why is it made to be visible through the windshield?

So the police can check if the VIN matches the license plates.

LOL…and how do you connect the VIN to the actual owner?


No, Jesus doesn’t provide that service.

But many state DMV’s still do. Crazy, eh?

+1 indeed.

I will say that had he just posted the vin, I myself would have been OK with it. BUT, telling everybody all about the car and where it is located?
That is a major issue.

What exactly are you going to do with a VIN?

I’ve often wondered the same about blurring out a license plate number in a picture. Isn’t that public information? What the heck is someone gonna do with either number if they do get it?

Googling the subject, I see that some scams involve copying a VIN and cloning that to paste on a stolen car, to make it appear legitimate. But I don’t see how that it gonna come back to “bite” the owner of the original car.

Color me mystified.


Use it to play the lottery?

I thought dual vins had a 2 or a four when dual drive in the car (4) performance (2) dual?