DS E-TENSE Concept On The Streets And On The Track – Videos

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Formula E & DS E-TENSE

Formula E & DS E-TENSE

The all-electric DS E-TENSE unveiled by PSA Group at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show (see live photos), is one of those few concepts that actually drives.

PSA’s premium arm DS is now presenting the E-TENSE wherever possible.  Most recently on the occasion of the Formula E events from Paris in France and in the UK (as well as at the Goodwood Festival).

Apparently, that’s how you promote the brand while you are also engaged in the racing team (via DS Virgin Racing) and Sir Richard Branson apparently.

Hopefully DS will soon introduce production models with an electric drive. In the meantime we can watch the E-TENSE on the streets of Paris or on the track (check videos above and below).

Quick spec:

  • 402hp (around 300 kW) and 516 Nm of torque
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) comes up in 4.5 seconds
  • an expected 310 km (193 miles) mixed cycle range (360 km or 224 miles range in an urban cycle)






DS E-TENSE in Paris

DS E-TENSE in Paris

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18 responses to "DS E-TENSE Concept On The Streets And On The Track – Videos"

  1. John says:

    I’ll take mine in black.

  2. Téra watt says:

    Vive la république!

    1. offib says:

      +1 COYBIG!

  3. TomArt says:

    That’s a sweet looking car, and a promising prototype.

    Funny that an SP90D is a full second faster…without the L…

    1. Fred says:

      Well, … I keep hearing the same argument over and over. But I don’t think it’s entirely fair. The P90DL can do a 2,8 sec 0-60 mph, (about 3 sec 0-100 kph), and repeat it once, maybe twice before things get too hot and the the bat can’t handle the power output anymore. The P90 is also not a sports car. Too big for that. Handling is ok, but not spectacular. Braking is dissapointing. A truely track usable sportscar needs to do full power accellerations for several laps. AND needs excellent handling, (relatively) light weight, and even better braking. Also, this is a prototype. I think the production vehicle might have better performance. I’m very interested how the (ok ok, It’s a bit ugly) Nissan Bladeglider will work out. Might end up beating them all in price/performance ratio! Now THAT’s car I can’t wait to try.

      1. floydboy says:

        Not true! The least I’ve seen on overheating from 0-60 accelerations is 12 times.

  4. offib says:

    Citroenphiles, ASSEMBLE!

    1. Another Euro point of view says:

      Rather: Citroënophiles, rassemblez-vous.


  5. zikzak says:

    They forgoot the beautiful Survolt so quickly, what a misery!

    1. offib says:

      Given how similar these two EV, two door, French coupés are, we would safe to call the E-TENSE the Survolt 2.0 …

      Besides, what about the Citroen GT Concept?!?!

  6. Bob says:

    Beautiful car!
    Is it needed with air intakes for cooling the brakes?
    The center grill is probably there to not scare away the ICE crowd 😉

  7. Jeffrey Songster says:

    I’d love to see a retro 1960s DS with electric drive retro reproduction. All the original coolness and innovations with modern powertrain.

      1. Jeffrey Songster says:

        That’s what I’m talking about! Looks Great… now how about a retro new one like the VW New Beetle and upcoming EV VW Van.

        1. offib says:

          They’ve been around for a while. For the VW buses (VW they said they were going to build since 2003), have a gander at Jehu Garcia’s eSamba.

        2. Warren says:

          All it takes is money….and buyers. People are going deeply into dept to rent ICE vehicles now. Comparable EVs will cost more for the relevant future (ten years). After that, it will likely be autonomous taxis, or bicycles, depending on how global capitalism fares.

  8. Surya says:

    Now where’s that all electric DS2 they teased a while back?

  9. floydboy says:

    Lean, mean, green and clean!?