Drone Video Of Tesla Gigafactory – November 2016


Tesla’s battery Gigafactory continues to expand as the Model 3 nears production.

Tesla Gigafactory November 2016

Tesla Gigafactory November 2016

The completed portion of the Gigafactory is at 1.9 million square feet, but the under-construction areas will be the size to some 4.5 million square feet once complete.

Here’s some new November 2016 drone video captured by Duncan Sinfield.

Video description:

“The future of battery technology is in front of you. Well it will be, soon, here at the Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada. Tesla will revolutionize the energy industry from here.”

“Filmed on November 5, 2016.”

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I can’t wait for the announcement of the first cell production. The construction is cool to follow, but until they reach the milestone of making cells, it is just another really big building.

Another interesting aspect will be how the “solar roof” technology will influence the roof on this thing. I just imaging a big-ass solar array, but I guess I am just a small idea guy.

That happened earlier this year.

I doubt the Gigafactory will be using Tesla solar roof tiles. Those are intended for residential buildings, to imitate the appearance of normal house roof tiles.

I expect that the Gigafactory roof will have cheaper, utilitarian solar panels.

I believe they are already making cells there, they are making them for the Power Wall and Model S/X just not enough capacity yet.

So far as I know, cells are not yet being produced at the Gigafactory. The Gigafactory is assembling battery packs there, including MS and MX battery packs, PowerWalls and PowerPacks, from cells made elsewhere.

The article linked below, from five months ago, says “power cell production to begin in November”. So hopefully that will start sometime this month.


The “Artists Rendering” looks nothing like the actual…..lol

Do they ever? 🙂

Presumably the overall shape of the building will resemble that shown in the “artist’s concept” when finished… altho perhaps not, as Tesla has talked about expanding the building’s footprint beyond the original plan. However, don’t expect the surrounding landscape to look like the artist’s concept painting. That never happens; it’s always idealized.

anyone knows where they will manufacture solar-roof? that has to be a gigafactory or 2 by itself if they hit price parity with normal roofs.

Buffalo, NY.

I’m glad they are building this large building and parking lot out in the desert were there are no trees or grasslands to get cut down. At least here there is lots of open space and dirt.

But I do wounder has Tesla considered building a section of the factory over the parking lot. In that it would be kind of horrible to walk across a giant parking lot in a 110F degree heat. At least the upper level of the building should shade the cars. or they could put in a colossal solar array over the parking lot.

The artist’s concept shows no roof over what I presume will be a giant parking lot. But I agree, it does seem like a waste of resources not to put a solar canopy there.

We do that in Phoenix all the time in the summer. No body has melted into the asphalt yet, but I agree, shading via solar panels would be great.

People tend to think this area would be hot, with high elevation its actually not that warm. In July (warmest month) the average high would be 92, low would be 53. Sun glare is more of the reason for shading.

What is that circular pit off to the left of the factory? And around 1:10, I see 3 large buildings not too far from the Gigafactory. Anyone know what those buildings are?

This is a huge building! Amazing.

Reminds me somewhat of those Tomorrow Today type programs for the early ’60.