Drone Races Formula E Race Car – Video (Bonus: Formula E Driver Promises Strip Show)


The Chase

The Chase

With Formula 1 on the brink of failure, the electric racing series known as Formula E is hoping to grab the spotlight by pumping up its marketing efforts with sweet videos like the one featured here and even talk of one Formula E driver willing to strip off his clothes and sing Talyor Swift songs.

It’s Formula E’s time to shine! Just imagine if Formula 1 vanished and Formula E took over!

Video description:

“Formula E and Mahindra Racing present The Chase… Mahindra Racing’s Bruno Senna, flying his racing drone, has some fun with fellow racing driver Scott Speed, at the wheel of a Formula E car…”

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Racing is not really my thing. But at least the cars are not so noisy.

You see, your “noise” argument is where some people will never understand why people watch racing. The noise is a huge part of it. And I am not kidding.

Silent racing? Yeah, that will not go anywhere, I hope.

And I hope not!
But I can see your point.
Race is race so far as competition is going.
Never like the screaming of Sharapova, Azaranka and the like.
Intimidating and self comforting for them as it might be.
They play strong and hard, but got beaten by silent players.
Noise is useless, except to warn you of a danger.
Sound is another level of awareness that you don’t have to be overblown by it to take notice.

Formula E is far from silent. The cars make higher-pitched whines that remind me a bit of the Tron light cycles. Not as loud as Formula 1 cars (so I’m told) but loud enough. And of course if a car screws up you can clearly hear the tires squeal and if cars hit you can hear the damaged car frame dragging.

I understand what you are saying and also understand that the noise of traditional motor racing is a significant part of the enjoyment fans get. This does not mean that there are other aspects of e-racing that make up for the lack of engine noise. One thing that immediately comes to mind is that, from a drivers perspective (and an audience’s one too, if the car has a radio mike in it) you can, at last, hear all the tyre-to-road interface noise much more clearly. Thus, you can hear how close to the line a skilled driver is pushing his car on cornering, acceleration and braking. For me, at least, this brings a whole new dimension to appreciating the driver’s skill and enjoying ‘motor’ racing.

F-e (Formula E) offers other interesting possibilities to a pretty tired setup. Not the least of which is having races right in the middle of cities due to not having to worry about noise issues (not to mention pollution). So, my message to die-hard motor racing fans is, give it a chance!

So because Formule 1 has been under tight control of one powerbroker you think that Formule 1 is on the brink of vanishing???

I bet that if F1 switched to full electric power, there would be no objection who runs the show, the same people would get a pass, right?

I would suggest you focus what you do well, and that is objectively (most of the time) inform about EV related news and leave te racing to tens of other sites.

Articles like this don’t get you any real regular EV readers….

couldn’t be bothered with the linked article, I take it (not that anyone cares, given your tone and -very limited- history).

ignore button, please