Drone Image Of Tesla’s San Antonio Service Center Reveals Solar Roof



Photo from a drone video of the Tesla San Antonio Service Center shows solar panels. (Image Credit: Energy-Cell via Reddit)

Tesla has yet to open its new San Antonio Service Center, but thanks to a Reddit poster, we already know that it has a roof full of solar panels.

In the future, once the pace slows down a bit for Tesla – who are we kidding – we should begin to see more service centers outfitted with solar panels, as well as Supercharger stations, and the Gigafactory. While the lack of such may have a little to do with the fact that the Palo Alto automaker is in the midst of trying to meet Model 3 production targets, racing to build the Gigafactory, and setting the course for a compact SUV (Tesla Model Y), a truck, and a semi … it probably has more to do with the fact that it’s not cheap.


Tesla’s Largest Supercharger In Europe…And Check Out That Solar Canopy

Tesla plans to outfit as much of its infrastructure as possible with solar panels/solar roofs. In so doing, the company is not only publicly supporting and showcasing its own products, but also will save a substantial amount of money over time.

If the electric automaker were to include solar technology and Powerpacks/Powerwalls in all of its structures globally, the savings over time would be immeasurable. However, the upfront costs are insurmountable.

Acquiring SolarCity was a necessary step to facilitate this plan. It will just be a slow process getting everything online, one step at a time. It’s nice to see that Tesla is installing the panels in some of its new construction.

Texas is one of several states that is still giving Tesla a hard time about selling its cars directly. Nevertheless, the automaker already has four other service locations in the state. Though the state legislature hasn’t yet approved Tesla’s requests, the Silicon Valley electric carmaker was successful in obtaining the permit for the new 12,000 square-foot store. At this point, some progress is being made on a bill that may allow “any” automaker to pursue direct sales in Texas.

Source: Teslarati, Reddit

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Bob Nan

Nice design, hope all other service centers follow this model.

By blocking the sun’s rays from hitting the roof, the PV panels tend to keep the interior more cooler during hot summer days.
And this will reduce the air-conditioner bills as well.


It really is a nice design. Simple, yet pleasing to the eyes and cost efficient as well. Seeing buildings designed as artwork – like Faraday Future and Kriesel’s – are extremely wasteful and unnecessary. That excess money can be much better spent on utility, such as this. Nice job Tesla.


Ugh those aesthetics are horrible. Should have put on their solar roof because it would be cheaper than just putting on a roof.

:sarcastically rolls eyes:


If Tesla solar shingles is what you meant there, then the answer is NO.

A flat roof like all commercial buildings have will not work to install shingles on. Shingles are obviously installed on a sloped roof.


Gosh, yet another Tesla bashing post from serial Tesla basher DJ. How predictable.

Tesla’s new solar roof tiles are aimed at home owners who think appearance is more important than practical concerns, when it comes to solar power. Unfortunately, that probably describes a majority of first-world home owners.

Thank goodness Tesla is more practical when it comes to installing solar panels on the roof of its commercial buildings!

Mark C

Golly Gee, and I thought he was being sacastic.


sardonic, not sarcastic. Making an equally mocking response appropriate.


I drive past this building a couple times a week. It’s a former Ducati motorcycle dealership that went bust. It’s had solar panels on the roof for a while, probably since it was built. I imagine Tesla is leasing the building and, perhaps, the panels.

It’s funny, I once thought of e-mailing Tesla and suggesting that location, since it’s a high visibility building near a wealthy area that was sitting mostly vacant. It’s a little far from the other wealthy areas in San Antonio, though.


Guess I need to retract my compliment above. Thanks for your clarification, Dog…


Poorly written article. Use of the superlaticmves immeasurable and insurmountable not only lack information but contradict each other when it comes to how financing works. If you are aiming the costs of sola r panels is insurmountable then you are saying Solar City’s business plan is faulty. Even before the purchase of solar city lack of panels on Teslas building is an indictment of Solar City. Hmm. Which is it. If savings are so big to be immeasurable then financing readily would be available. Or is it insurmountable. Or is Solar City a scam. Or pe raps solar itself. Probably not. Tesla a scam? What’s the claim here?


I agree, the superlatives are completely unnecessary. The savings is extremely easy to quantify. Using the PVWatts/SAM tool would give you NPV and ROI in a few minutes. Any business would surely calculate this before spending large sums of money. I do wonder about the wisdom of installing solar panels in Texas since they have abundant cheap energy. Although, perhaps producing your own panels brings in the ROI a bit.


If I count them correctly, that is 188 panels.

Assuming 245W each, that is 46kW power right there..

At a good 6 hours of average peak in the summer, it should be able to produce 276kWh per day during those on peak time.