New Flyover At Tesla Gigafactory 3 In China Reveals Progress: Video


Tesla is making clear progress on its Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai.

Not long ago, articles were surfacing on the internet suggesting that Tesla had called it quits on its Gigafactory 3 in China. Images showed a lack of progress for a short time in December. Much like the aerial shots of Tesla cars in parking lots that are taken and disseminated by Tesla haters, the images didn’t amount to much.

Just a few weeks later, it was increasingly clear that workers were putting in long hours to speed up progress. Now, the above drone flyover video provides even more proof of such.

During Tesla’s recent Q4 earnings conference call, CEO Elon Musk said that the facility should be producing Model 3 vehicles prior to the end of the year. While Musk has personally admitted that he’s not the best when it comes to timelines, this was not the first time we heard that Tesla is planning to be producing at Gigafactory 3 sometime this year. Clearly, time is of the essence, so we should continue to see somewhat rapid progress on the new Shanghai factory.

Video Description via Vincent Yu on YouTube:

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory February 05th 2019. 特斯拉上海超級工廠 via 42HOW 哲伦班长

Tesla Shanghai Super Factory via 42HOW credit: Zhelan squad leader

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Looks mostly mud to me. Where are the pile drivers?

Materials and labor are cheaper there so they might just go with a much simpler thick mat/raft slab construction for the foundation.

They had auger piling rigs there before, so that would seem odd.

I don’t know anything what was there or is there. Was just thinking out loud. Were the auger piling rigs there for piles or could the rigs have been a different type taking soil samples across the site?

Were the piling rigs there just for the smaller building that has been built so far?

I’m guessing they are creating a sort of staging area, and an on-site office first. Managing that many resources (incoming materials, labour, etc.) has to be challenging, and having a staging area for it all makes sense.

Looks like, “A few Moments Later” is evidence of forgetting to start the Drone run with a full charge! Maybe next time?

Where are the people, construction vehicles, construction trailers and port a podies?

It’s China. Workers just hold it until their shift ends.

It’s the new year in China, it’s normal that the work still on pause for 2 weeks.

Really they would move there cranes, construction trailers, port a podies.

Tremendous progress in a short period of time.
The Chinese are famous for getting stuff done in record time.

Getting Battery pack and/or vehicle production going in less than 11 months from the conditions shown in the vidio seems at best very optimistic but maybe. We’ll see or hear soon enough.

“Tremendous” it’s probably an understatement…

Lot of examples of pretty fast builds. Must be a ton of planning, the timing of deliveries, etc.

A time lapse video would give much more information.

Couldn’t have picked a worse location, rice patties and pig far maybe.

Rice & Pork? Goes well with the BBQ campfires Elon likes to host on the roof of Gigafactory.

I need an invite, sounds good!

“Now, the above drone flyover video provides even more proof of such.”
I fail to see the big progress… The one area is still from the groundbreaking ceremony with Musk. The “parking lot” is new, but I would not call this “clear progress”, especially with a lack of machinery.

I’m not saying that Tesla sceptics are right or this is evidence in their favor, but it hardly is proving them wrong either…

What you don’t know is that they are using the Boring Company and it’s all being built underground. Like a secret lair… 🙂

I agree on the lack of progress. I see a few small buildings, presumably new, and a concrete slab foundation for another small building. Nothing to get excited about. I saw a strip mall being put up in just a few weeks where I used to live, here in the U.S., so I’m not impressed by building those small buildings in just a few weeks.

Other than leveling the ground, I see no sign of construction on the main building yet.

But I don’t doubt that Tesla can get the exterior of the main building for the Gigafactory completed before year’s end. What I do doubt is that they can install the production equipment inside needed for a full-scale auto assembly line, and get it tuned for volume production, in less than a year from now. Going from start of construction to a mass production factory cranking out at high capacity generally takes two years, and I very seriously doubt Tesla can cut that time in half, no matter how quickly the Chinese can erect walls and put roofs over them.

The box isn’t that important; it’s what’s inside the box that counts!

The only think I see is what may be temporary offices that have been built. and 3 blue storage containers. There’s four sorry building with a blue roof I assume its uncompleted and it’s insulation, but it appears to be on the other side of the fence.

Another Euro point of view

Is it a mud factory ?

They’ll dry the mud to make bricks.

New battery chemistry, duh… thought that was self explanatory

Progress? Where?

Pretty daring to fly that drone down below fence level. We can see plenty from above without getting so dangerously low.

It’s only more dangerous for his drone…what’s he gonna hurt? the mud?

I’ll go pro Tesla now :).
Musk said the factory will be ready by the end of the year, and with more a couple of months or less I think there’s no reason to doubt him on this one.
Having said that, it’s required a great deal of imagination to see any progress on that sea of mud where nobody or machinery are present.

Well I am glad for these videos even though I’m disappointed with the progress.
Every major construction site I’ve been on port a posies and construction trailers were the first thing on site.
Looks like they actually built temporary offices and maybe the small temporary buildings are restrooms. Athough I can’t figure out how they could get water and sewage lines to it.