Driver: San Francisco – Chevy Volt Commercial – Video

chevy volt commercial


Courtesy of Playstation 3 video game “Driver: San Francsico” we bring you this Chevrolet Volt “commercial.”

chevy volt commercial

Chevy Volt in Driver: San Francsico

Okay, so it’s not your typical advert, but much in the way that we see Tesla Model S fans present various video on the electric Tesla, we sense the same thing occuring with the Chevy Volt.

Tesla doesn’t advertise in the traditional sense.

General Motors has all but stopped advertising the Volt.

So, it’s up to EV fans and owners to continue to spread the word.

Here it’s done video game style.

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Sorry if I wasn’t too impressed.

That was an ad? For the Volt? I love my Volt, but this “advertizing thing” is about as appealing as the aliens that were featured last year. But even less appealing than the mechanical puppy that got all kissy face with a deer.

The car drove around and parked. Huh?

That looks like a 2011/2012 model, NOT a 2013/214 model due to lack of color matching rear trunk piece.

But the color is new to 2014, I believe…


Did anyone notice the second Volt “hiding” in the side there right before the main Volt is parked? Kind of creepy.

Also, the road is full of GM cars. That is rarely the case in SF. The main Volt also followed another Volt on the street.

Maybe I have too much time on my hand… =)

Good grief people … this is not a “commercial”. It’s an amateur pretend-commercial put together by (apparently) a teenager with a video game. Poor thing is probably crying his/her eyes out …. “Mommy, why are the EV people so mean!?”

Yeah, Doobie Brothers’ hit single is not exactly flattering to a Volt, or at least, I didn’t get the joke. Didn’t sound like the original so they must have gotten around an ASCAP restriction or something.