Driven: Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Video Review


What does Tom Voelk think of the Clarity PHEV?

Tom says the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is a solid option for those who want to take the plunge into electric car ownership, but are nervous about charging infrastructure and range. He also agrees with most opinions we’ve heard about the Clarity’s “nerdy” exterior styling. However, he reminds us that the cabin is very nice, and that’s where you spend all your time. To top it off, Voelk says the Honda is budget-friendly, at least in comparison to other respectable EV options on the market today.

What other important pieces of information does Mr. Voelk want us to know?

  • Trunk space is respectable
  • Pass through is small, so large items may not fit
  • Feels reasonably peppy
  • Gas engine kicks in if you accelerate hard
  • Gas engine is loud
  • Handling is composed
  • Ride is smooth, but you can feel the car’s weight
  • Regen paddles are confusing
  • Regen reverts back even after you set it (unless you’re in Sport mode)
  • No one-pedal driving
  • Plenty of in-cabin storage
  • Supportive seats
  • User interface needs updating
  • Roomy rear seats
  • Full active safety suite comes standard

Did Tom miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via Driven Car Reviews on YouTube:

Long-range electric cars are spendy because they need large expensive batteries. Want an EV that’s budget friendly without the huge price tag or any range anxiety? The Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid could be the answer. It covers most commutes on battery power then switches to gas for cross-country travel. Tom Voelk checks out the Touring model.

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So, this is a good replacement for the Volt.
However, the Baleen Whale look hasn’t aged well.

It’s almost as if they only want to sell as many as will meet their CARB credit goal.

This is why the Baleen Whale look of the Clarity IS the most beautiful of all and it can do everything I want.

That was a spot on review. Although, I have no trouble with the infotainment system. I am hoping they will have a software fix for the regen braking and paddles.

Yeah the current regen arrangement is just silly – its as if they are compensating for having mediocre dynamic braking. But the rest of the car seems ok to me – and it looks like a good value.

It would be just fine with me if Clarity sales tripled after the discontinuance of the VOLT at the end of February. If GM wants to give the market away to the competition I’m sure Honda will gladly accept the challenge.

I don’t know why the editor put in the comment about ‘infrastructure’ since the only thing this car has to have is a gasoline station. Electrically it can survive just fine on the ubiquitous 110 volt receptacle, but I prefer to increase my percentage of all electric driving so the high-power on-board charger is appreciated.