Drive Electric Orlando Launches Nation’s Largest EV Rental Program With Free Charging and Loads of Additional Perks (w/videos)


“Securing America’s Future Energy and The Electrification Coalition are proud to announce the launch of Drive Electric Orlando–the nation’s largest electric vehicle rental program, designed to put Americans behind the wheel of a secure energy future. A groundbreaking partnership between rental car agencies, hotels, theme parks, and the City of Orlando, DEO is giving Orlando’s 56 million annual visitors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of electric vehicles.”

It's Time to "Drive Electric Orlando"

It’s Time to “Drive Electric Orlando”

That’s the basic idea behind Drive Electric Orlando, an EV-specific rental program launched in Orlando, Florida.

With over 300 charging stations (some of which are free) and dozens of EVs to rent, Drive Electric Orlando hopes to get the public/tourists behind the wheel of plug-ins in an effort to convince them that electric is the way of the future.

This is now the nation’s largest EV rental program, with more vehicles added as the usage of Drive Electric Orlando grows.

For more details, visit Drive Electric Orlando’s website by clicking here.

Fun...Affordable...And Risk-Free Way To Experience Electric

Fun…Affordable…And Risk-Free Way To Experience Electric

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Kind of on-topic: can anyone tell me why on God’s earth it’s so hard to find a Prius in rental fleets? If I’m taking a trip out of town, gas is a huge consideration. A more efficient cruiser could save me hundreds that the rental agency could share with me. Yes, this is only a question in my mind because I’m considering having an EV as my only vehicle.

They list Walt Disney World as a partner but WDW does not have one Level 2 charger on site and no plans to istall any.

They should just install 110v outlets. That is plenty for people spending all day at the park or all night at the hotel.

We can assume the availability of chargers on Disney properties, at least in central florida, will increase dramtically.

This is a clever idea. I know a similar effort was going on in HI, but they were having trouble with supporting charging infrastructure (in Kauai).

I really think they should cut the number of LEAFs purchased and added a Model S or two. Charge $200 / day for them, but at least use them as a marketing tool.