Here’s What Happens When You Drain The Hyundai IONIQ Battery – Video

Hyundai IONIQ


What is the progression of indicators when you run a Hyundai IONIQ Electric battery to fumes?

When the video starts, Nick’s Hyundai IONIQ shows four miles remaining on the range indicator, and the battery shows four percent. He says he made an earlier attempt to run out the battery, but this time he’s actually much closer to the end. Nick explains that when the car hits five miles a “turtle” icon pops up and the car immediately loses power. It feels as if he took his foot off the accelerator. At this point, the car says “Charge Immediately Power Limited.”

Hyundai IONIQ

Nick does several laps around his neighborhood at one percent battery charge before turning in for the night.

The car still responds well to driving, it just won’t accelerate quickly. Surprisingly, the air conditioning stays on. Nick turns it off to proceed up a hill, at which point the three remaining miles disappear and are replaced by “— mi,” but the car still maintains that it has three-percent battery life. At two percent, the turtle begins to flash and Nick hopes that maybe his decent down the hill will give him enough charge to up the percentage, but no such luck.

He notices that from five percent down to two percent, the drop happens quickly. However, the percentage just stays at two percent for quite some time, even though he’s trying to run out the battery. Perhaps the last few percentages are buffered as a safety measure. After a considerable amount of time, Nick gets the car to read one percent. Again, no matter what he does, it stays at one percent for seemingly forever. The car finally loses even more power and will only proceed at 10 mph to get Nick back home.

Video Description via Nick on YouTube:

This video shows the final 5% of the battery range on the Hyundai Ioniq Electric.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I like these drain to SysStop tests…….lol

Someone should do this test from full to SysStop on each EV models.

Well I was hoping for a miles driven from full to empty, but this is not even fully empty, as the car never came to came to a complete power empty.

It’s nice to know, they have all these reserves, and the low power mode of 10 mph.

When is Hyundai going to make enough of these to actually sell to people?

You’ve already been given the answer 😛

I can’t imagine deep cycling the battery is a particularly good idea. Must be a leased car 🙂

My Soul EV has the same exact screen and voice that says “Please visit a nearby charging station”. 🙂

Oh lord. “Here’s what happens”?? All that “happened” was what happens in every EV – the battery indicator shows there’s little left, the SoC percentage goes ever lower, power is dialled back…

He didn’t even drain it completely. Disappointing stuff, I was hoping it would explode.

Per “I was hoping it would explode.”, I noticed your user icon is a ‘Minion’, so I guess that makes sense!

So Ionic BEV is already being sold to the public in California since April according to Hyundai website but every dealer I call don’t have any & don’t have any idea when they are getting them. It’s now mid June & I am loosing interest in the Ionic altogether. My emailing Hyundai inquiry about the car resulted in their stupid reply to check out their Elantra Hybrid instead… a very stupid move on their part!! I want a BEV car not a polluting oil burner!! It’s true what they say about the OEMs they STINK when it comes to EVs!!!!

I got really lucky. I began calling every dealer in SoCal and got one the same day. It was great birthday present.

I’ve seen none in NorCal. I see 3 Bolts a day many days (not counting my own). I see 2 Focus Electrics on some days. But not a single Hyundai IONIQ electric. Hyundai is doling these out quite slowly.

My LEAF would go at least 6 miles past the — range indicator, even on the fwy.

ran out of charge for the 1st time in my CODA. was 1,000 + ft from charg n stn. OUCH pushed vehicle. HEAVY, thought i had enough to make it. gauge not very informative yet it was showing almost 0 % ! MY FAULT ! 45,000 miles & no issues. perfect commuter car for me. even thou my final cost was 13,000, dont think i would buy another ev. LEASING seems to mke more sense. Im stuck with this car ! HORRIBLE RESALE VALUE. also have no home charger

took a tesla model s 75D to 1% and i was still driving at 75MPH through the mountains on the PA turnpike and 7 miles from the next supercharger 🙂 at that point it reduce my power output, but never reduced my speed. I drafted a Semi for 2-3 miles and then just kept the cruise set at 75mph with all the warnings flashing on the screen. i ended up arriving at the supercharger with -1% on the battery lol (don’t know how that’s possible)