DragTimes Tests Tesla Model X P90DL – 0-60 MPH In 3.178 Seconds (Videos)

FEB 7 2016 BY MARK KANE 27

DragTimes: Tesla Model X P90D (Ludicrous Mode) 0-100 MPH in under 8 seconds

DragTimes: Tesla Model X P90D (Ludicrous Mode) 0-100 MPH in under 8 seconds

DragTimes recently began acceleration tests of a Tesla Model X P90D (Ludicrous Mode), and confirmed that it’s the worlds quickest production SUV.

Using Launch Mode, 0-60 mph is achieved in 3.178 seconds, which i quicker than Tesla’s 3.2-second promise:

  • 0-60 mph in 3.178 seconds
  • 0-100 km/h in 3.357 seconds
  • 0-100 mph in 7.987 seconds

0-100 mph is accomplished in under 8 seconds! Quicker than a Model S P85D Insane (8.3 seconds).

All that comes from a Model X with all the options, which makes it a little heavier.

“We have some initial performance tests of the brand new 2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous with some really amazing results.  Our test car has the 7 seat configuration with every option available including the Ludicrous speed option.  Using the launch control feature the Model X pulled over 1.1g to hit 0-60 MPH in just 3.17 seconds and 0-100 MPH in 7.98 seconds making it the worlds quickest production SUV.”

Source: DragTimes

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These 0-60 times are impressive, but I want to see 0-60 pulling a trailer and some serious 4-wheeling.

Just getting little Johnny to soccer practice on time isn’t all that exciting because a Model S would actually do that better.

Wow! The Tesla Motors Model X W/Ludicrous Mode is a 4X4 SUV, can hold 7 and their gear, can go 0 – 60 Mph in 3.2 second’s and can pull up to a 4,800Lb+ trailer?

Can Semi-Autonomous Drive, Auto Steer. Can Self Park and be summoned or sent…

Can fill up for FREE at over 600 SuperCharger EV Filling Stations, worldwide, many fueled, onsite by the sun, plus wind, geothermal and hydro!

Can refuel/charge using home power on a simple 110V AC outlet, or 220V AC home appliance or one of over 40,000 public EVSE’s with 63% of those FREE. Even a ton of Destination Chargers going in at hotels, apartment’s and shops, globally…and DCFast

Heh, that’s either Ludicrous or Insane!

Link Goes To YouTube-

Towing 4,800 Lb Boat:



Thomas J. Thias




I just hope that translate to more sales Tesla and the that the Model X becomes as much of a success as the Model S.

I think the X will be even more popular than the S. The sporty luxury SUV is a bigger market than sport luxury sedan, isn’t it?


I don’t think so.

BMW US sales for 2014 (US largest market for EVs, for now):

221k passenger cars (1/2/3/4/5/6/7 series)
110k light trucks (X1/X3/X4/X5/X6)

1/2 series 7k
X1 23k

3/4 series 142k
X3/X4 36k

5/7 series 62k
X5 47k

6 series 9k
X6 4k

Excepting the 1/2 series vs X1 comparison – note 2013 final model year for 1 series, so presumably only old inventory of 1 series + 2 series coupes/convertibles – BMW cars generally outsell their SUVs by about 2 to 1.

Thanks for the data, but I think a broader look at the marketplace supports my view.

2015 total sales by segment:

Large luxury sedans: 74k
Large luxury SUVs: 119k

Medium luxury sedans: 328k
Medium luxury SUVs: 534k

These figures are from http://www.goodcarbadcar.net/p/sales-by-segment.html and are not comprehensive (i.e. I don’t see Tesla on those lists) but I think it reflects the facts on the ground that people spending money for midsize+ luxury do buy SUVs more than sedans.

We have yet to see any major auto review magazine or website post a road test of the Model X. Will the “X” get as many “Best Car of the Year”, or even “Best Car Ever Made”, reviews as the Model S has?

Perhaps, but we’ll have to wait and see.

They’re extremely hard for reviewers to come by right now. I expect we’ll see reviews in a few months time.

DragTimes, AKA TeslaTimes


The Model X is a remarkable achievement.

It will be once they ship more than the Toyota Mirai. Right now I think the Mirai is winning.

If I were to choose between a Sedan Model III and a Crossover Model III– I would prefer the Crossover and would wait to order until they produced one.

So much stuff to haul. So little time…

dont understand crossovers


Crossovers are more practical if you need to transport more than just humans.

Can’t wait to see some real world testing by others sources focused on the actual utility and function such as range results while towing at maximum ratings, gradeability while towing. Cargo loading ease of changing seating configuration etc. 0-60 etc. Is nice but is in no way representative of the vehicles real world performance.

Why have we not seen a major mag review of X ?

Because no major mag has bought a founder / signature edition of the model X, and normal test drives might be 2-3 month in the future.

WOW! Impressive!

A 7 person dragster. LOL.

They could use it as a carnival ride.

I’d like to see a 0-60 time for a Model X loaded with 7 average-sized Americans, which is about an extra 1500 lb. of weight besides the driver.

“..7 average-sized Americans, which is about an extra 1500 lb. of weight besides the driver.”

Americans are getting fatter but I don’t think the average American has reached 250 lbs. yet.

1500 lbs. / 6 passengers other than driver = 250 lbs.

Even if the driver is included that is still 1500 lbs./ 7 passengers including driver = 214 lbs.

The average weight for men and women combined is around 180 lbs. So 7 passengers would still add a hefty 1260 lbs.

It would be funny to see a loaded Model X with 7 adults still blowing some decently tuned cars off the line at the strip.

3.178 rounded up is 3.2

So, my wife could drive to the store and back in record time!

She could be first in line at the elementary school parent pick up.

When she wasn’t doing business selling women’s accessories, she could moonlight racing Porsche 911s and Corvettes for pink slips.

Why am I not as impressed by 0-60mph as much as the next guy? Is it because I’m secure in my sexuality? Because a CUV going around beating Camaros, Mustangs and “rice grinder” kids who spend all their disposable income on hot-rodding a fwd subcompact just would get real old – real fast.

I’m more impressed by how things are screwed together, how safe they are, and yes – if they can keep up with traffic…Not blow them away in certain acts of bravado (stupidity).

Those “rice grinder kids” spend all their money on *insurance* for their FWD hot subcompacts 🙂

“Why am I not as impressed by 0-60mph as much as the next guy?”

I think Tesla is important not because it impresses people like you who are reasonable but rather it proves a point to many of those that disparage the technology and incorrectly portray EVs as boring and slow and not realistic for daily use.

It may be childish but not only does it disprove this notion it forces even the most fervent detractors whether they be anti-greenies who have tied EV acceptance to environmental movements that they despise or petrol heads that refuse to accept new technology to accept that EVs are real and viable with their own eyes.

They might not like it and admit it to others but they can’t deny what is tangible.

.538 kwh per mile…ouch.