DragTimes Tests Tesla Model S 70D – Video


The base version of the Tesla Model S, the 70D, is still no slouch when it comes to performance.

Though DragTimes has typically focused on the high-end Teslas, this video shows performance testing of the cheapest Model S:

“Performance testing of the Tesla Model S 70D with dual motors, 328HP and all wheel drive.”

The results, as seen in the screen capture below, are still more than respectable.

Tesla Model S 70D Testing

Tesla Model S 70D Testing

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5 Comments on "DragTimes Tests Tesla Model S 70D – Video"

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The base Model S is the 70, not the 70D.

We were completely unaware

That’s not the least expensive Model S. You can get the 70 without dual motors.

Awesome private track there!

in the video the guy said it is almost the base model, it is my model of choice as it is suited to living on a island with the speed limit of 100km/h and limited travel. this is until the model 3 comes along.