DragTimes Tests New Lightweight OEM Wheels On Tesla Model S P100DL – Video


MAR 13 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

Tesla 21″ Arachnid Wheel

Tesla has finally begun deliveries of its lightweight forged aluminum Arachnid Wheels (21″), that are quite a bit behind schedule (as referral program prizes).

One of the first sets to be received was by DragTimes, which without delay installed them on their Model S P100DL, and saving a couple of pounds in the process.

The fitted wheels are Michelin Pilot SuperSport tyres, weighing 53.90 lbs (rear) and 51.85 lbs (front).

And sure enough, 0-60 mph acceleration test shows a solid 2.427 seconds.

Tesla 21″ Arachnid Wheel

Tesla Model S P100DL with Tesla Forged Lightweight Arachnid Wheels – DragTimes

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Hmmm… What is the tradeoff?

Wider PiLot Sport tires will reduce AER but reduced weight increases it.

Nice looking wheels, though – I wouldn’t
spend that sort of money if it didn’t result
in increased range and efficiency. And especially not if it hurt those factors.

They’re kinda similar to the Model 3 rims, shown on the Silver Prototype, but without the pointed tops at the hub…

There are hills in Florida?

Howey in the Hills has hills

This car was like the color of my lipstick! Love it! http://www.transmissionrepairgeorgia.com/

Reducing unsprung weight

Why not