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i3 Times

i3 Times

Can it be true that DragTimes is testing an electric car that’s not a Tesla?

Well…the BMW i3 is definitely not a Tesla and this video shows DragTimes testing the smallest BMW i car, so it must be true.

DragTimes tests 0 to 30 MPH, 0 to 60 MPH, 1/4-mile and top speed of the i3 and while it’s no Tesla, the small electric BMW (REx version tested) performs admirably.

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Since it is not a drag strip.. how do we know he wasn’t on some sort of an incline? Even a little bit will affect those numbers.

He uses the same strip of road to test all his cars, and it looks flat enough. I really don’t think it matters if there’s a slight incline; after all, this is just some non-professional testing.

It doesn’t need to be scientifically perfect, otherwise he’d always ensure exactly the same wind speed and direction, road surface, temperatures, pressures, state of charge, incline and location, etc.

Why can’t we just enjoy it for what it is – an amateur speed test designed to give us a basic point of reference. Let’s not take it super seriously, now.

I have the same Racelogic GPS Performance Box. Very accurate and consistent piece of equipment. I did two identical back to back runs on the 2015 irex.

0-10 mph .70 sec
0-20 1.8 s
0-30 2.9 s
0-40 4.0 s
0-50 5.2 s
0-60 7.2 s

It really would be much quicker off the line like my LEAF, but like my Focus, the i3 throttle response is really dampened right from a stop.

It will be interesting to test the 2016 Volt, since it is supposed to be faster 0-30MPH than the i3.

Depends if in which mode the Volt is (Pure EV , series or Parallel).

Volt 2.0 no longer has series mode.

Only Pure EV mode and parellel hybrid REx mode.

I would like to see the same test with a BEV version of the i3 also.

Well, let’s just go to Car and Driver’s tests results shall we? (note: I consider their tests “gospel”):

Accel BMW i3 BEV/ i3 Rex / 2016 Volt
0-30 – 2.7 / 2.9 / 2.6
0-60 – 6.5 / 7.0 / 7.8
1/4 – 15.3@86 / 15.8@86 / 16.1@86

In short, dragtimes matches C&D almost exactly. The Volt and i3 rex are neck and neck up to about 50, but the i3rex keeps pulling harder after that until you get above 80 as the Volt has a bit better cd and pulls a bit then.

I do wish GM could have supported an “overboost” mode of sorts where it let you hammer the battery for no more than 10 seconds or so before throttling back…I still think an SS version could materialize, but only if sales are strong after the initial wave of buyers.

gospel? really?
to beat every measured time, by every manufacturer and competing car mag lends credence to the 1/10-tank racing fuel rumors for me, but ok. Drag times beat the announced 1-100 @ 7.2 by standard variables. Since racing fuel cannot explain a 1-100 @ 6.5, a Substantial difference.. welll, to each their own (C/D subscriber for 20 years, caused me to buy my E12 [excellent] and my Bridgestone RE71s [anti-excellent]).

The i3 is artificially limited off the line, My LEAF jumps much harder.So while the Volt might jump it 0-30mph, just look at the 30-60 mph split:

BEV i3: 3.8 sec
Irex i3: 4.1 sec
Volt: 5.2 sec

Not even close driving around town, unless you are drag racing from a dead stop everytime.

i3 is faster and should be since it is almost 800 lbs lighter.

Better if the report was in Metric showing km/h

Racelogic come from England, so yes it will easily read out metric as well.