DragTimes – Tesla Model S P90DL Rips Down 1/4-Mile In 11.2 Seconds – Video


DragTimes recently posted results from its Tesla Model S P90DL run at Palm Beach International Raceway back on January 31.

As you can see from the timeslips below, the Model S P90DL is consistent with its runs.  The best time posted in the quarter-miles was 11.244 seconds.

Previously, DragTimes pitted the Model S P90DL against the Model X P90DL. The results from that matchup are as follows:

“…Model X P90D Ludicrous running 11.61 @ 116 MPH in the 1/4 mile setting a new world record for the quickest production SUV/CUV…The Model S ran 11.3-11.5 @ 116 MPH.”

But it seems the Model S P90DL is a bit quicker than 11.3 to 11.5 when the track conditions and temperatures is just right.

Timeslip Scans Via DragTImes

Timeslip Scans Via DragTimes

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11 Comments on "DragTimes – Tesla Model S P90DL Rips Down 1/4-Mile In 11.2 Seconds – Video"

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How do you determine 0-60mph from that slip? I doubt it’s 1.6 seconds.

You can’t. That would be 60 feet on the time slip.

0-60mph data is from Vbox

11.2 seconds in the quarter mile is pretty good, but where o Where is the 10.9 seconds that was first published by Tesla for this model and which “Motor Trend” actually achieved? Not a single owner car has done anything faster than this 11.2 second territory?

I just got my P85D “upgraded” to Ludicrous, as have many others based as much on “faith” that Tesla will give us ALL a further software upgrade that gets even these modified P85D models closer to 11 seconds and actually gets the P90D-L versions to the MOTOR TREND and original Tesla announcements of “sub 11 seconds….

Faith is such a powerful force…..

Why are you trying to get P90 performance (power output), out of a P85?

I don’t understand your reasoning…

Bigger battery = better performance.


the “60′” times you see are for 60 feet.

Those aren’t the the OEM rims. Is it still a production record if the Tesla is not using the stock OEM rims?

A 1.6 second 60′ is a very good time for a street car. The S has excellent traction. The 118 mph is well below the V8 German super sedans, but on par with a new M3 or base Corvette. The motors seem to have more capability in them, so maybe with the next battery capacity improvement, the car owners will actually hit 10’s in the quarter mile.

I don’t get it I have a P 85D I went to a drag event where i was clocked at the quarter mile in 11 .2 so what’s the big hoopla about ludicrous for a Canadian it’s $10,000 to upgrade to Ludacris I don’t think I would do this unless I sat in one and it was at least a second better

I think I finally understand why there are so many Tesla drag race videos posted here: it’s the only way to practically and legally use the full acceleration of the car. Is that it?

Just did 11.128 at 120.08mph with my p90dl. No German super sedan came even close.