DragTimes Takes Delivery Of Tesla Model S P100DL – Video


DragTimes Model S P100D

DragTimes Model S P100D

The folks over at DragTimes had initially pondered whether or not to order the new Tesla Model S P100DL. That pondering came to an end with just one drive of Tesla’s top-of-the-line version.

DragTimes says that the absolutely ludicrous speed of the P100DL convinced them that an order had to be placed.

Video description:

“Just 3 weeks after ordering a custom Tesla Model S P100D we head over to pick it up at Tesla Dania Beach, FL.”

That’s quite the quick turnaround. Perhaps the process was sped up a bit for DragTimes? Note in the video just how packed the Tesla store parking lot is. It’s quite insane actually.

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I’d ask Tesla to remove the front plate w/ Ludicrous speed !

I cannot imagine all the depreciation Drag Times has eaten, upgrading Ps every ~6 months.

He is capitalizing on it was a complete write off of any loses.

I’m not generally a fan of red cars…but that red, combined with the tan/black interior is gorgeous.

True. Nice combination.