DragTimes Ponders Purchasing New Tesla Model S P100DL – Video


To Buy Or Not To Buy?

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

If you’re DragTimes, then the release of an even hotter performance version of the Tesla Model S, the P100DL, definitely hits your radar.

DragTimes is already in the process of selecting options for its Model S P100DL, but the order has yet to be placed.

Video description:

“Tesla just released the Model S P100D Ludicrous that runs 0-60 MPH in just 2.5 seconds, should we order the new car, is it worth the upgrade cost?”

DragTimes has owned so many Teslas that we’ve lost count. This latest addition of the P100DL will surely hit the track to destroy all competitors just as soon as the site takes delivery. We guarantee you that!

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There is still a pretty strong resale value so an upgrade might not be too expensive from the 90DL they currently have

He will buy it because he will make more money off the YouTube videos than the cost of selling and buying a new P100D

Better wait and get the P125DL maybe 2 months away

P111DL will be first

Considering what DragTimes does, yes. Any normal person should not.