DragTimes Pits Tesla Model X P90DL Versus Ferrari F430 – Race Video


Tesla Model X P90DL Versus Ferrari 430

Tesla Model X P90DL Versus Ferrari 430

Recently, the folks over at DragTimes pitted a Tesla Model X P90DL against a Ferrari F430 in a series of 3 races.

DragTimes states:

“While we’ve seen a bunch of races between the Tesla Model S and various supercars, this is the first we’ve seen of the all new 7 passenger 5,600 pound Model X Tesla SUV racing. The Model X in the video is a P90D with the optional $10,000 Ludicrous mode going up against a bright red and loud Ferrari F430 with the F1 6 speed transmission.”

The Ferrari definitely has the power-to-weight advantage, but can the Model X’s AWD and gobs of immediate torque make up for its near-6,000-pound curb weight?

Video description:

“How does the Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous hold up against a Ferrari F430? Check out the 3 races in this video…”

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Pathetic! No launch control activated on the ferrari. And at 3of3 rolling start the ferrari dont rev on first gear! Still i love the tesla, but its a terrible conducted test.

Magnus, your comment is accurate. Which further highlights how much better electrics are over ICE- gas cars need launch control activated, RPM’s feathered/timed right at the start of a run. Electrics involve stomping your foot to the floor. I used to think Ferraris sounded amazing- now I’m amazed that folks pay such a premium to hear a scream that sounds like the car is being tortured..

So much quieter on the Tesla cam vs. the weed-whacker sound coming from the Ferrari.

Screams of impotent rage coming from the Ferrari. No word on whether the same was heard from the Ferrari driver. 😉

Those three runs probably put $500 worth of wear on the clutch.

Man the Tesla can carry 7. Even it has the same quick start as the 2 seater , it is plenty.

Yea, An SUV against one of the world’s most expensive Sports Race car & the Race Car Looses….R 0 T F L M A 0 …..Plus That Ferarri Makes so Much Un-necessary Noise !! Shut it 0ff Already!

Yes the Farrari had a slow 1st gear start but that in itself highlights the benefits of EV…just mash down the pedal and go. The Farrari could have a quicker start the cost of clutch wear-down.

Who would have thought 10 years ago that a consumer available family EV-SUV would be able to challenge an ICE Ferrari on performance?

The rampant stallion, appears to have been hobbled.


A shame that these guys are too stupid to take it to the track where a speed contest might be sanctioned and recognized.

Instead, just criminal behavior caught on camera.


I agree.

Sad it’s given support on this website that has such potential.

Really cool, but instead of ludicrous speed Tesla should improve realibilty. Thats why i don’t reserve a Model 3, Musk wants too much and let his engineers past the safe side.

Goog for you, never buy a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Masserati, Tesla, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo………. And stick with Toyota Corolla or Prius.
I am in my second Tesla, 3 years ownership and I don’t know what are you talking about.

The Model X look like a hippopotamus that has adopted a baby duck and is teaching it to walk

If you as a person are defined by how your vehicle looks, you really need to reconsider your life choices.

Would you buy a Mirai if Toyota swapped in a 300-mile BEV powertrain with fast charging?

I own a 2008 Prius and 2013 Leaf. Both cars I don’t consider attractive (especially the catfish head on my Leaf). I’ve prided myself on not caring how my cars look despite now crossing into middle age. But the new Prius… Ugh. If I drove that hideous eye gouge I’d have to kick my own ass, to quote Happy Gilmore

Says the person that has an ugly Leaf.

Not much validity with that statement.

Looked like the winner to me.

AtlantaCourier said:

“The Model X look like a hippopotamus that has adopted a baby duck and is teaching it to walk”

In other words, it’s a CUV.

Or are you under the mistaken impression that there are actually “sexy” looking production (not prototype) CUVs or SUVs out there?

If you disagree, then please post a photo!

The main goal of Tesla is seeking to further spread vehicle electrification.

So, when {very high performance} family sedans and SUVs can shut down what we used to call “supercars,” it almost guarantees that to retain “supercar” status will require electricfication.

Can we please stop with all of the Tesla drag race videos? I appreciate the acceleration of the Teslas and I’ve reserved a Model 3. But the number of posts about a Tesla S/X drag racing another car is getting annoying. We get it. It’s fast in a straight line.

A Ferrari is setup for acceleration at track speeds not 0-60. Try racing a Tesla against any sports car on a 2.5 mile road course.

Speak for yourself. I want more.

Good to see these tests. Now a 458 would be a different story. They can run high 10’s in the quarter mile at over 130mph stock. But I love hearing all the racket that an ICE makes when trying to keep up with an EV effortlessly leaving an intersection.

Since I was a teenager in the 1970s, all we ever heard about EVs was that they would be slow.

These Tesla drag race videos really help clear up any misconceptions.

Yea It sounds like it was puking 0ut!

That’s embarrassing.

Straight line acceleration is fun and cool, but a real sports car needs to be both challenging and rewarding, otherwise, what is the point? This is a pathetic display of someone (the Ferrari driver) who is in way over his head and manages to embarrass himself, against someone else (the Tesla driver) who has only 2 things to do: firmly press the accelerator, and keep the car straight. Soon, the second part won’t even be necessary, since auto-pilot will take care of it. I sure hope (and believe) that EVs have more to offer in terms of racing performance than this. If not, ICEVs will continue ruling that segment, 0-60 times notwithstanding.

Image Tesla Motors making a small EV based sports car. Something say similar to the Lotus Elise…..

As a road racer, I agree that drag racing is boring. I reserved a Model 3 and I hope that it will also be a great handling car, not just a stop light racer.

I prove how great and reliable my TESLA MS 90D is EVERY TIME I drive past a gas station. ..I don’t need to drag race any car or truck made to know my vehicle is the one I want to drive and be seen driving in… I pass about 50 gas stations a day.. maybe 60..and everytime I smile a bit more… 3900 miles on the super T car.. click twice on my name to see my web page at Nj gasprices . com… they’re still good for something…

Typical ignorant North Americans, drag racing is not a method for comparing automobiles. When I see young people imitate these tests from one red light to another, I shake my head and wonder what morons we are raising. Ferrari do not drag race their cars, morons do. They have a proper track to test their cars! Here is a great test: 24 hour race around a track and who ever does the most laps wins! Traveling from London to Milan or New York to Chicago, I will not drive a Tesla.