DragTimes Pits Tesla Model S P90DL Versus Model X P90DL – Race Video


Twos Teslas, Both With Ludicrous Mode

Twos Teslas, Both With Ludicrous Mode

Husband versus wife.

Tesla Model X P90DL versus Tesla Model S P90DL

In the ultimate Tesla versus Tesla matchup, DragTimes pits the two mightiest Teslas against one another on the track.

A Model X P90DL (Founder's Edition) Gets Put To Good Use

A Model X P90DL (Founder’s Edition) Gets Put To Good Use – Racing A Model S P90DL For Our Amusement

DragTimes writes:

“With both cars charged up we headed for Palm Beach International Raceway, a 90 mile trip.  Along the way we stopped at the Tesla Supercharger in West Palm Beach, conveniently located just 15 miles from the track. We set both cars to charge to 100% so we could have max power for the races and after ~40 minutes we were ready to go.”

At the track, both cars performed admirably, but the numbers for the Model X were surprising to say the least:

“The results as you’ll see in the videos, pictures and data were very impressive with the Model X P90D Ludicrous running 11.61 @ 116 MPH in the 1/4 mile setting a new world record for the quickest production SUV/CUV.  0-60 MPH came up in just 3.1 seconds with 0-100 MPH in 7.9 seconds as per the VBOX data.  Even as we did multiple races trying to get an even start between the two cars, the Model X continued to perform running consecutive 11.6x @ 115+ MPH passes down the 1/4 mile.  The Model S ran 11.3-11.5 @ 116 MPH.”

You’ll find all sorts of additional data/info over at DragTimes.

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15 responses to "DragTimes Pits Tesla Model S P90DL Versus Model X P90DL – Race Video"
  1. R.S. says:

    Thats more than just impressive…

  2. What’s most impressive is being smart enough to take it to the track. Kudos.

    1. miggy says:

      Good to see this on the track, did the wife race in those heels? very hot, she may have even faster in runners.
      Great video.

  3. PVH says:

    I see the X is barely slower than the S. So when the “fat” X will beat Porsches, ‘vettes etc. on (short) drag races it will even be more annoying for those car owners.

  4. Gsned57 says:

    They need to get a video of seven people in the model X blowing away some exotic supercar.

  5. kosee says:

    This is awesome. The model x just double proves that electric engines are awesome! Try that in your X5 or whatever other stinking monster you are driving!

  6. RexxSee says:

    Ahhh… How romantic!

    1. flmark says:

      Yup, of all the Valentine’s Day postings, this is probably the most unique.

  7. LOL says:

    Now, after this footage all Tesla Service centers are gonna be clogged by owners wishing to trade in their ” old ” Model S and rightfully claim a brand new outrageously fabulous Model X. Beyond doubt are X’s sales gonna outpace that of the S. Great CUV/SUV that Mr. X.

  8. Anon says:

    The Model X will need some time to win folks over to what a great, and revolutionary vehicle it actually is…

    Videos like this, help that effort. Thanks. 🙂

  9. D L Amy says:

    Your so close to Daytona, It would be awesome…..

  10. Open-Mind says:

    Is the creaking sound prior to launch (at 1:09) due to using the Tesla Launch Control mode?

    1. chickeee says:

      its just the creaking of the brakes against 1000lb-ft and 1500 Amps of juice

      1. Kacey Green says:

        in other words, yes launch control

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