DragTimes Pits Tesla Model S P85D Versus P85 – Race Videos


0 to 60 MPH at 3.3 Seconds

0 to 60 MPH at 3.3 Seconds

DragTimes recently took the Tesla Model S P85D on a spin and compared it with its predecessor: P85.

Almost 280 HP (691 HP versus 415 HP) plus AWD makes a big difference, so the P85 didn’t stand a chance.

0-60 mph time from standstill is just 3.3 seconds for the P85D, while 0-100 mph is 8.1 sseconds.

In the second video, both cars took off at about 35 mph.

“The P85D pulled an astounding 1.29 G off the line absolutely leaving the P85 in the dust while it fought for traction.   The trouncing continued while the P85D kept pulling away putting car length after car length between the two until the P85 almost disappeared from view.”

Source: DragTimes.com

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I supposed in a couple years, the next button setting’s name will be “TransWarp”.

I go for:

normal – sport – insane – ridiculous – ludicrous

I thought and still think the P85 is insane… but the P85D…. holy f**king sh*t!!!!