DragTimes Pits Tesla Model S P100D Versus 1,000 HP Toyota Supra Turbo – Video


The Tesla Model S P100D typically dominates the drag race scene, especially the 1/8- and 1/4-mile, but it’s not often we see the P100D pitted against a car with approximately 1,000 HP.

That’s the case here as the Model S P100D lines it up against a modded Toyota Supra with a claimed 1,000 HP.

DragTimes tries to even the event out by performing two races (technically 3), one from a standstill and the other from a rolling start at 50 mph.

Here’s a spec rundown for both vehicles (note: actual HP figures for modded Supra are unknown).

Tesla Model S

Toyota Supra Specs

In the video you’ll see that the Supra doesn’t stand a chance from a standstill start. It’s no contest as the AWD Tesla blows it aways. From a 50 mph roll though, the Supra fares far better. It quickly catches the Tesla, which gets the initial jump and then accelerates out into the distance in no time.

Video description:

“Watch one of the most advanced and quickest cars on the road, the Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous take on an old school import from Japan with 1,000 HP, a single turbo Toyota Supra.”

*InsideEVs does not endorse nor support the act of street racing. It’s highly illegal and extremely dangerous. Racing should be performed only on a track.

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Big Solar

supra passed tesla at 88 mph?

Dan Stanton

The Supra passed the Tesla at 91mph.

La Frennia di Mamata

This is more Proof that Ice cars are Noisy Pesky Polluting Junk and no longer have a place on this planet.Hopefully their days are closely coming to a final end.

Devin Serpa

Wow that little thing is noisy.

F150 Brian

Ahh, but what a wonderful sound it is!


Will Tesla ever make a model with multiple gears? Couldn’t that improve top end performance?


You’d think a transmission shop would build one on ‘Spec’ and demo it to Tesla, for the business. But you can simply drop in a bigger electric motor, for the ‘P’ crowd.


It would help both low and top end as would limiting to 120mph.
Tesla tried 2 speed trans but they couldn’t find one that wouldn’t break and gave up.


The Supra passed the Tesla at 104 mph

Joe P

A 13 second quarter mile :p ?

Joe P

I’m with Jeff, Supra passed the Tesla at 105 mph.


Biff Tannen’s Supra passed Marty’s Tesla @ 1.21 gigiwatts.

Great Video, Thanks


Haha… Oh how far we’ve come

Supra is trash compared to the Tesla

But back in the day Supra was one of the best


It’s not trash and still dominant in gas powered cars(kinda good for a car from the 1990s), BTW if the tesla was so great why can’t it win on a roll…hummm


yeah coz it’s totally cool to compare a 2 seater to a full seater family sedan, right?

philip d

Tesla will make a purpose built 2-seater sports car again eventually. It will be undoubtedly more expensive than a 1993 Supra but it will whip it’s ass 0-60, 1/4 mile and on the track.

Look at the NIO EP9 on the Nurburgring. That is the drivetrain of the future.

Jake Brake

Totally agree, 4 motors and 4 gearboxes is the future. It may not be the most efficient but it sure is a performance king.


Tesla tanks in value on resale market. Supra keeps going up, and if you have a stock Supra, easily fetches north of $90k.

Paul Smith

You pulled that number statement of your asinine attitude. Tesla S has higher resale value than any luxury Mercedes, Audi, Lexus or other comparable car. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2013/05/03/elon-musk-tesla-resale-guarantee/2133389/


The guarantee has been dropped in most counties including the U.S…99.99% of all vehicles depreciate and higher MSRP luxury vehicles depreciate more than a Camry/Accord…

Even the Supra did suffer depreciation until the F&F came out and even then it was a year before it …Lexus SC300 is pretty close to the Supra and sells far cheaper…

As far as the the MKIV Supra is concerned, while there’s demand for all of them based on styling, the MT and TT is the most desired…Then most were Targa tops, less than 400 hardtops, those are the most desired…

Chris Cartwright

I think the super past the Tesla at 77 miles an hour.

Åke Georgsson

supra passed tesla at 78 mph


The answer to the question in the video is 1/4 times.

Chuck clauser

110 mph

Jake Brake

Supras are highway monsters, teslas are stoplight monsters. Its not hard to beat a 20yr old rwd car with a laggy turbo in 0-60. You can see that even on a 50mph roll the supra still spins off the line, but once it hooks its gone.


Most turbo cars tend to be “highway monsters” but the OEM MKIV Supra would still get, let’s go with “smoked”, by a late model V8 Camaro…A popular Supra mod is to remove the smaller differing sized sequential turbos for a single larger turbo which can be quite laggy which is the case here…This Supra has three times the power of OEM and on slicks…


Will this never ending stupidity ever end. By now its a clear fact electric motors are 1000% better in producing lower end torque and the power and torque dies out as RPM rises. Meanwhile ICE work at peak efficiency at relatively higher RPM and torque remains more or less same till red-line. A supra or any other sports car for that matter is designed for completely different purpose which you tech savvy people will never understand. So its completely pointless in comparing the two over a straight piece of road.

Mark D. Stant II

Nothing, they both run 12s

Supra passed at 110mph


Answer to the 2nd question is 88mph.

John B

83mph based on my testing 😉