DPD Electrifies Its Fleet In Hamburg

NOV 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

Hamburg gets electric buses and parcel deliveries

DPD announced that by the summer of 2019 it will switch to electric vehicles (vans, trucks, bikes and scooters) for its operation in Hamburg, Germany.

Two types of EVs were already revealed – the Volkswagen e-Crafter electric vans and TRIPL electric vehicles. In the case of trucks, it’s expected that DPD will use FUSO eCanter, which was introduced in the UK where the company uses also 10 Nissan e-NV200.

One of the examples of progressing electrification is the first all-electric DPD depot in Westminster in London – seven additional will be electrified soon.

TRIPL in DPD fleet

Source: postalandparceltechnologyinternational.com, DPD

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What, they’re not going to buy StreetScooters from DHL? 😉

I didn’t even know Westminster was in Hamburg 🙂

They will electrify deliveries in the innermost city of Hamburg (5 districts out of ~140). It’s a start, but not as dramatic as it sounds..

Indeed, it is a start. Looking at the press publication, the numbers are

2 pre-production VW e-Crafter
3 e-Cargo Bikes
2 TRIPL e-Scooter
1 eCanter lorry

plenty of room for further growth…

You see how it is necessary for governments to “help” companies to realise transition.
Why do you think they all start in Hamburg?

Source: https://www.postalandparceltechnologyinternational.com

Wow, that’s one of the longest domain names I’ve seen. Did they really have to include International in the name to make the already long name even longer.