Doug DeMuro Considers Chevy Bolt Among Best Cars On The Market


This new Chevrolet Bolt EV video is beyond interesting and unique, mostly because of the team.

Doug DeMuro is largely and widely sought-after as one of the best car reviewers in the business and has been at it for years. He’s reported on major websites, as well as independently. Aside from Alex on Autos and a few highly respected mainstream publications, he’s truly become many buyers’ authority on video-based vehicle reviews. So, how does he feel about the Chevrolet Bolt EV? Read forward since there’s a strange twist here.

Conversely, Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage is more of an average Joe – amateur with increasing clout – that has recently come up against some huge adversity on an InsideEVs share related to the original Tesla Roadster, which was a satiric and silly video that many of our audience failed to understand. Despite Hoovies’ previous and recent videos, along with his super-silly takes and personality traits, DeMuro has seemingly taken a liking to him and has since featured him in this recent video review.

Unlike many other reviews, this comes off as an interview situation, not unlike the Autoline shares. So what does Doug DeMuro think of the Chevrolet Bolt EV? Does Tyler agree? Watch the video to get the real answers. It’s really pretty compelling to see these two, very opposite personalities open up and share.

Video Description via Autotrader on YouTube:

In today’s episode of Hoovie and Doug Talk About Cars, Hoovie and Doug are talking about cars. Specifically, we’re talking about the best new car for $50,000. In this episode, we discuss diesel versus hybrid and SUVs versus cars, and we learn that Hoovie has almost no knowledge of modern automobiles.


Chevrolet Bolt EVs - finding more US driveways every month!
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The introduction (and US reception) of the Chevy Bolt EV has pulled forward GM's 200,000th sale by at least a year (now expected in Q2 2018) Chevrolet Bolt at the recent GM Official autocross event near Detroit. Chevrolet Bolt EV (wallpaper 2,560x) Chevrolet Bolt EV Chevrolet Bolt EV (wallpaper 2,560x) Chevrolet Bolt EV (wallpaper 2,560x) 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Chevrolet Bolt EV The best option overall is generally to drive at normal speed Chevrolet Bolt Chevrolet Bolt Chevrolet Bolt EV Interior Chevrolet Bolt EV:  Lots of useful room inside...and a fair about of standard finishes Bolt Interior Chevy Bolt Chevrolet Bolt EV - right-hand-drive?! Chevy Bolt rear seats The rear seating area offers plenty of room for passengers Inside the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt

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Love my Bolt

Doug DeMuro has known Hoovie for years, they both write for Autotrader. He recommended Hoovie to get on the YouTube scene for reviewing cars. But yes, Doug DeMuro is way more comfortable on camera, that’s part of what makes him so fun to watch. I’m subscribed to his alt YouTube channel. I didn’t know Autotrader hosted them on their YouTube channel though!

These guys are the typical gear heads, just like any other car enthusiast and journalist. They are the 14 year olds within us without any sense. All they talk about are how cool cars are and cool quirks and how they handle on the road and how they accelerate. They can care less about reliability, maintainability, safety and economics. Most of us use cars to go for point a to point b should stay clear from this nonsense. We want cars that are dependable and economical and keep us and our families safe. Many average people get roped into this nonsense and end up spending $50K on a BMW and find out it costs $4K a year to maintain, not to mention days it has to be a the dealer for some stupid sensor or faulty computer… stuff that should not ever break. Once in a while you might step on the gas and get a little high but most of the time you are going to work stuck in traffic thinking, why did I spend $50K on this car. You deal with it and end up selling the car for $18K 4 years later and you end of buying… Read more »

That is a suspiciously detailed hypothetical

BMW’s, Mercedes, Porches, Audi’s are prestige cars and that is it. They are junk and their drivability is completely overrated. If you want a luxury car that drives well and is reliable, get a Lexus or Acura. If you want a sporty car and don’t want to break the bank, get a Civic Si, WRX or Focus RS or ST… they are excellent cars. I’ve seen many young men fall into the trap on buying a car they can’t really afford and later regretting it. Worst case is a dad with 4 kids who took out a HELOC to buy an used 911… that car was completely junk and literally cost about $10K a year to run. It sat in the guy’s garage and he sold it and lost tens of thousands of dollars. If you got the money to buy these, be my guest. If you are a Dr. or lawyer and if your practice leases one of these cars for you, they are great. But if you have to get a 2nd mortgage to buy one of these you deserve the regret you’ll have later.

It’s a solid “B”. Too bad most dealerships won’t carry it, and ones that do probably can’t use the many rip-off service scams that keep dealerships in the chips, so they are not really enamored of it. Nor is charging support a priority. But taken just as a vehicle, it’s good.

And that lack of love for the Bolt certainly comes through in how their salespeople deal with customers who ask about it. My experience in looking at and test driving a Bolt was awful. The two salesmen I dealt with had no clue about EVs in general or the Bolt specifically, and said absurd things like it didn’t have electric seats because it wouldn’t make sense to use up electricity moving the seats in an electric car. No, they weren’t kidding. (I heard this from salesmen at dealers about 65 miles apart with different ownership, which makes me wonder how nonsense like this propagates.)

Had the same experience. Dealt with it because I wanted the car, but I’ve never had a dealer as an obstacle before. Lack of knowledge was evident, the walkthrough of the car before I left the dealership was pathetic. I was too polite to tell her I’m good to go. They also mentioned the electric seat absence connection that you did. Ridiculous.

Mine told me at least 2 lies. One that they had sold 50 of them in the past month, they had 3 on the lot, and I looked it up statewide sold 35 or so. Then he said a guy drove it all day and still had 230 miles of range left. I looked at him incredulously. But hey the car is ok, just my anecdotal experience, and evidently, that of many others, it’s not all that great, at least with the sales aspect of the car. And no wonder. Salesmen have few incentives to sell it. It’s like training someone in to take your job, at least for the service part of the business. Of course some dealerships, high volume still want to have it, as it brings in customers, and they can afford the training time and the cost of adding charging stations, which GM requires. In addition GM is really not all-in, as they claim with evs. Evidence of this is the lack of all but lukewarm efforts, at creating a charging network. GM is rather between a rock and a hard place, not as bad as Ford, which is mainly in just a hard place, being… Read more »
Well their Job is to Move Tin, and other than getting all exaggerations in writing, an educated buyer can accept some slight mis-statements and doesn’t need to correct every single little thing they say…. Perhaps he meant that he gave test drives, and plugged the car in afterwards, so right now the car still has 238 miles (since it recharged). But if it seems like too much nonsense they’re spewing, you could say, “Oh, yeah? Lets take the Key Fob and take a look at THAT CAR right now! I had my worst experience at a Car Dealership test driving the otherwise very nice Honda Clarity PHEV… While I was driving it, the girl said “I NEED TO DEMONSTRATE REGENERATION”, so she constantly tried to start the engine (all the controls are easily controllable by the PASSENGER since they’re on the center console), and she would constantly START THE ENGINE – ostensibly so that the car’s engine and generator could ‘regenerate the battery again’. Then after dealing with that great brain, an older guy got in and I said “Hi, I’m Bill also”. “NO !!!! I’m WILLIAM !!!!” – The whole test drive went like that. The only good thing… Read more »

Thanks for the anecdote, and hire people persons to sell cars, what a concept.

If you read the “Coffee Table Etude” that came with the 2011 VOLT, (they even included a cheap digital camera so that you could take pictures of your new car!) the Girl who wrote much of the narrative included the statement that: “Should we use electricity to push the car down the road rather than moving the seats?”. Many dealers no doubt took that Book as a Bible, and they’ve never learned anything new since. That explains why many dealers say the same thing, such as the ‘engine is only a GENSET’, which GM lied about for the first 18 months, even to their dealers and techs. “….which was a satiric and silly video that many of our audience failed to understand…” Note to editor: There wasn’t as much confusion in the Tesla Roadster article as their was in your dad’s mis-statements with the original Tesla Roadster when it was tested by TopGear. As for ‘current Satiric and Silly videos’, Hoovie or whomever he is mentioned several real trivial complaints with the car. So he may have been SILLY (no shortage of people who qualify there), but it was a real complaint and not satiric. Ex: “We ALL KNOW a… Read more »


You keep posting that “most dealers don’t carry it”. You got actual numbers and sources to back that up, are just making stuff up?

The “most dealers don’t carry it” is just an outgrowth of the fact that sales are amazingly low. There are about 2,950 Chevy dealers in the U.S. The Bolt sells around 1100 to 1500 units a month. That means most Chevy dealers aren’t selling ANY Bolts in a month. I think it’s safe to say that either most dealers don’t carry the Bolt, or most dealers don’t WANT to carry the Bolt.

Tiresome much?
“Chevrolet says that 1,200 of its roughly 3,000 dealerships nationwide are certified for Bolt EV sales and service, with at least one in each of the 50 states.”

Hoovie comes across as the typical wannabe macho who confuses vehicles for masculinity proofs. Doug is a bit more enlightened, but he’s got his Bolt price numbers wrong.
He says “High 30s after rebate”. No. It’s slightly over $30k flat after rebate, *if* you pay MSRP and don’t do any negotiating (and you should, many/most Bolts are selling ~$5k below MSRP), and have no state rebates, which does exist in many leading EV markets.

Bottom line, in many leading markets you can fairly easily get a Bolt for low to mid 20s after discounts and rebates, not “high 30s”. That’s a completely different ballpark.

The Bolt is a GREAT EV. Really….it is STILL the only affordable long-range EV available on the market. (Tesla’s cheapest Model 3 is still $49K = base $35K + $9K LR battery + $5K Premium pack.)

That said, I think it is really held back by:
1) It’s econobox appearance.
2) It’s relatively slow DC-fast-charge port (54KW max by what I hear).
3) Lack of good CCS network of chargers and good software for planning trips.

Plus it’s a Front Wheel Drive with a lot of TORQUE. I hate FWD with a lot of torque. Even my Focus EV with much less torque chirps the front tires every time I pull out of a parking lot, and jerks the steering wheel at every press of the “accelerator” pedal. The Bolt just makes it even worse.

Only really an issue if you are hammering it off the line. Which is not what the Bolt is about.

Because it is FWD the Bolt has the best one pedal driving of any EV. Drove over 130 miles over mountains for a vintage sports car meet. Didn’t use the brakes once.

Just confirms that 99.99% of YouTube content is moronic crap.

If my experience is a good example, the main problem with the Bolt is the sales-people. They do not want to sell the car, in fact my experience is that they try to sell you something else instead no matter if you have cash in hand to buy the Bolt..

The sales people at my local dealership seemed genuinely excited about having the Bolt in stock. Only reason I didn’t buy was that they had a used SparkEV on the lot. Since the SparkEV was not sold new in my state, it hadn’t even been on my radar. Doing the math, I figured I could make the lower range of the SparkEV work for my commute. It’s mostly been great, but I see now why EV people say 200mile range is a minimum. Although I think 160/180 would work. I didn’t realize what a hit the range would take in the winter. I’m fortunate that I have charging options for my longest commute, but it is an extra cost, and minor inconvenience.

well that was stupid

He said you have to wait 2 years for a Model 3? In September 2018? Video was not good actually. I like some of DeMuro’s reviews, but they really seemed to be talking off the cuff, without much thought.

Yeah, especially since that was about $50,000 cars, and the $50,000 Model 3 (the LR RWD) is the one with *shortest* wait time right now… Can get it within weeks; or even within days, if picking one from inventory. (Though I guess that might be mostly gone after the end-of-quarter push?)

Nice name drop for Alex Autos. He needs to do a review for Model 3

“This new Chevrolet Bolt EV video”… I have to wonder, did I watch the same video? The one I’ve seen, talks about the Bolt offhand for like 30 seconds, in a 9 minutes video… (And manages to make several mistakes while at it.)

The bolt is the only long range “affordable” EV in the US (thankfully that changes next year with the Model 3 & the Leaf).
I’d love to own one, but they still cost to damn much.
Only 1 available in my city, and it’s 44 grand! ummm, that’s a big No for me.

I’ve seen hundreds of Doug Demuro’s reviews. And I think two in which he didn’t conclude the car was great…

Basically, that’s how you get to review tons of cars. Make sure you say nice things. Certainly seems that way to me, at least.

Chevy is going to stop making cars. Why buy from them? In my lifetime Chevy and Ford always make total junk when a new model came out. I remember my Dad buying a GM that never stopped leaking from the rear main seal from day one. The timing chain let go at 65,000 miles. Seems GM made the timing gears out of nylon/plastic. He had 6 kids and took a real financial screwing from GM. I would NEVER buy a first generation machine from either US maker. They do not care about this country or their product and their reputation is no longer a plus. They exist for shareholders. Their products are a means to that end, nothing more. They milked and punished the consumer since they got angry over EPA and safety mandates in the 70’s. They’ve hurt a lot of people especially those who bought any new model. I have no confidence they will exist after the next oil price increase. The Taxpayers bailed them out, as reward they screwed us for their investors and workers. i have no confidence in their new stuff. They can’t even put a reliable touch screen in the Caddy let alone an… Read more »