Double Steering Wheel Tesla Model S Spotted


Tesla Model S with additional sensors

Because two is better than one?

Nobody seems to know why this Tesla Model S has not one, but two steering wheels. Perhaps someone can figure this one out?

There’s not even a consensus on Reddit, where these images first appeared.

It’s odd. That’s for sure.

There are multiple images embedded above. Click the next arrow to view them all, then help us in determining what the two-wheel setup is for by dropping a comment below.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur via Electrek

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38 Comments on "Double Steering Wheel Tesla Model S Spotted"

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Mail delivery.

It’s so your kid can steer along with you.

(or think of the opening credits of the Simpsons, with Maggie steering)


Or for pranking people.

Precisely. Hey look everyone, I slapped something on the roof of my car and a fake steering wheel and “broke the internet”.

haha, but alas it has MFG plates sooo…

Or it’s the new autopilot. When you turn it on, an inflatable pilot appears in the passenger seat, and controls the wheel.

LOL…I’m recovering from the flu and after reading your post I coughed up a nice sized puss ball LOL

Damn , jesus, kdawg! The video! You beat me to it…

Are we sure this isn’t a build quality or fit-and-finish problem that somehow got past Tesla’s legendary quality control? 😉

I used to crack wise to officers, not a good idea, but I was really good at it, and it was so easy.
Unfortunately the usual anti-Tesla comments are not of same caliber, which is a pity.

Yeah, seems to be leggit. That.must be the reason why they didn’t presented the M3 a lot.

Thanks for commenting, here’s your wheel….


Jeff Foxworthy fans unite!

Drivers ed car?

Testing for international deliveries, perhaps? They drive on the other side of the road in some countries. This car may a switch to make one side or the other active.

It is for couples always arguing if they need to go left or right.


Testing for unattended FSD.

This creates the closest scenario possible right now to an empty drivers seat while maintaining ability to disengage when necessary to maintain legal requirements.

I know it sounds silly, a person could just sit back in the drivers seat, but that could potentially skew the test results further.

Or mail delivery.

Subaru used to bring over RHD 4wd wagons for the rural mail carrier market– our mailman when I was a kid had one. It was basically the Japanese car with a US instrument cluster and US emissions and safety regs.

Normally our mailman had just learned to drive a normal car from the right seat, but this was much easier for him.

This is exactly what I thought. Testing autopilot.

Maybe for people who have driving cat, but might want to take over in dire circumstances.

It comes with 8.2. One side for left turns, the other for right. Soon will come the proof AP is better, than man.

Yeah Come on… 😀

Sorry, but only two steering wheels?!

Non-starter. I demand 4-wheel drive.

One is the real steering wheel, for Elon so he can do the steering.

The other one is a dummy wheel for all the internet armchair drivers who think they can steer the company better than Elon.


One turns the front wheel, the other turns the back wheels.

So, they can turn on the dime and help with parallel parking…

I’m pretty sure I’ve read of Google (now Waymo) self-driving car prototypes which had dual controls, so the car can be “driverless” — that is, nobody sitting in the driver’s seat — but the monitor/passenger can take over if needed.

Coupled with the rooftop sensor seen here, presumably an active scanner such as lidar or radar, and it seems to me that it’s most likely this is one of Tesla’s test cars for an advanced level of autonomous driving.

Here’s a Google patent for dual controls in an automobile, altho it lacks a second steering wheel:

Leave it to Elon to reinvent the steering wheel. :-/

I live near where the photos were taken. My money would be on something Tesla might be doing with UC Davis. Perhaps comparing/improving driving algorithms.

Maybe they are testing a “de-activateable” steering wheel for when they rent the cars out using the tesla fleet. Their might be a need for the pasengers to not be able to take controles then.

And when testing it you still need to have a real steering wheel since you need to take over during testing?

Maybe isn’t a Tesla owned vehicle. I seen to recall another company that used Tesla for their testing because all the basic hardware was already installed, and given the done on the roof, that would seem to be something additional to the AP2 hardware, and not reported as something Tesla was going to be using. So my bet is this is not a Tesla owned vehicle.

The MFR plates make that unlikely.

“yoda’s butthole”? A clue? Photoshop should be banned.

Taggart’s driving school use to have a fleet of cars, all with dual controls.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

Haha Elon’s joke for all you Tesla horny guys. Just put something special into a Tesla and everything is speaking about Tesla. Good PR Elon