Don’t Spill The Water Challenge In Tesla Model S P90DL – Video


Some Spillage

Some Spillage

The challenge is simple…so it seems.

All that’s asked of the children is to not spill the water while riding in the back of a Tesla Model S P90DL.

Video description:

“I challenge them to NOT spill their drinks while I take them for a ride in the Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous.”

The challenge actually is much more difficult than it would appear to be.

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“Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.” STC

Ha ha, that guy punched it in ludicrous mode and the water hit those kiddies in their faces! He’s my new hero, so clever to punk those little brats like that!


Stupid kids, just drink the water!!!

What kid of iPad or video devise are the kids watching. Great idea to use the pano roof with suction cups.

I wanna see a smart kid tilt the cup forward and be ready to tilt it further upon acceleration.

Who is stupid enough to give any kids open cup liquids in any car?

As a parent, it is sippy leak free cup for kids and covered cup with straws for older kids.

That is final decision and no negotiation!

This demonstration is completely retarded…

You can get the same effect of water splashing going over a speed bump at 10 mph!

Yes, but this way, he can show off how rich and successful he is, with his $100,000 car, while destroying his kids’ reputations… and making sure they will thereafter be social outcasts… by filming them and posting their embarrassment to YouTube, where it will be preserved forever.

Seriously, some people shouldn’t be allowed to be parents.

Seriously slow day in Internet business, right?

This guy is running out of ideas lol

Alternative title, from his kid’s social media sites:

“Bad Dad A-hole Challenge: Watch our dad be a bigger d*** than you dad.”