Don’t Be An Idler – Video

DEC 23 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

This is not the latest video on the net, however as one of the compliance electric car ends its limited-run (no spoiler), it’s pleasant to see that this particular EV is a dating magnet.

Here is the Environmental Media Association’s spot “Don’t be an idler!“, which encourages us to avoid unnecessary idling that adds toxic exhaust into the air.

Time to check how the non-idlers work in practice.

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Thats a lot of CO2, and just for passenger cars.

Love her in Under the Dome. Wait, what was this ad about?

I had to watch it 3 times to figure out if it was the same guy or a different guy that pulled up in the EV. I think it is the same guy. I guess he decided to make some changes to win over the cute girl.

Did his eyes go from brown to blue though?

Electrons are sexy.

Starting the engine is the biggest drain on the battery. I wonder how many continuous ‘stop-starts’ of the engine if in city traffic would it take to eventually result in ‘wu-wu-wu-wu–wu–wu—wu—wu—-w’ as your battery flattens?
Cars equipped with ‘stop-start’ technology have special, and by ‘special’, I mean BLOODY EXPENSIVE batteries.

Fact: Starting your engine from a standard 12V lead-acid takes little to no energy at all. (compared to the energy needed to propell a vehicle) Somehow it apears it does, but that is just the noise that is preceived as drama. Running the lights for a minute drains more than starting the engine for a second. (crank amps ~ 300A * 1sec = 300Coulombs, lights+radio+cabin fan etc ~ 30A * 60sec = 1800Coulombs

If you need Watt-hours just multiply with 12Volt divided by 3600.