Does The World Really Need The Sporty BMW i3s?

APR 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

CarsGuide’s Matt Campbell asks whether or not the world really needs a car like BMW i3s, considering that there already was an i3.

Well, usually folks that are interested in EVs are perceived as those who are interested in the environment and emissions. The i3s is a more sporty version of the i3 – increased performance is typically a bit opposite to saving the planet.

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BMW i3s at 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show

After a test drive, it turns out that the i3s is an excellent car to drive. The performance level will tempt more people to buy EVs, instead of some sporty ICE.

Matt Campbell notes that the price difference between i3s and i3 ($3,200 in U.S.) is money well spent on the upgrade for the i3. Which is in-line with our own Tom Moloughney’s review of the car.

Several years after market launch, the i3 still has one of the best interiors found in any plug-in…ever.

What we like

  • Lots of fun
  • Stunning design
  • Gorgeous interior

What we don’t

  • Compact internals
  • High price
  • Range limits appeal

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Anyone bashing the i3 should drive one first. Interior is superb (especially in Tera World) and the car is a really nice car overall. Yes, BEV version has short EV range, but with the optional range extender I was able to drive 2000 mile road trip no problem.

I would love the S version, but that sticking point is price. Unless you are privy to CA incentive spending on it the price is very high.

Very nice small car but way to expensive and especially if you add the REX to make it long distance capable.

I have a feeling that the Model 3 is really going to eat into the sales of the I3 as time goes on.

I bought my i3 REx recently that is 2 years used but nearly new with 5,500 miles for around $22,600, amazing car for that price, not for the $53,000 or so MSRP it had. People buying today might get $20k off after incentives and credits, which makes them reasonable.

Rex makes it possible, but not very realistic for ‘Texas distance driving’. I did test drive one, but went with another PHEV. When it came time to replace, went with a larger BEV instead of i3.

What a strange title for a site promoting electric evs. Of course the world needs a maximum of ev models.
Sorry for the TSLA stock holders.

They are not knocking the car or EVs, they are asking if the manufacturer should have used the same money to develop a different type of car to meet other needs.

Electrics are perfect if you like music.
The standard stereo is good, but, I’d recommend you take the upgrade.
Enjoying Dire Straits “Making Movies” right now, and it’s like driving on the backroads in a quiet room with great sound.
This car is phenomenal, it must be driven to be believed.

The price is a bit high, but leasing this vs. say a Prius Prime Advanced is less expensive, this is 100% better across the board. Build quality is excellent and the driving experience is unique and just cannot be compared to anything with a gas engine.

High torque electric motor, quiet, and carbon fiber body really respond in an instant to quick acceleration requests, but, you can feel the responsiveness just in normal driving when you ask for only 5% of additional power, you get it instantly.

This is a noteworthy car, and BMW should be commended for releasing it.

I have a slightly different perspective. I think they should have just upgraded the whole darn line to being faster and performing better, and not put out a special sports package. I absolutely think they should have made it sportier, I just think they should have spread the love to everyone instead of making it an upgrade package. They likely could have updated their entire line at a price increase that is a fraction of the upgrade cost.

Wanting for 94ah i3 rex to come off leases. Hopefully they are priced around $20k and $25k. I will be picking one up. Especially that relocation job is now 13 miles away. I wonder how much the 60ah i3 will cost when the 94ah comes off the the leases

i3S is just a ploy by BMW to get another $3,000 from customer’s pocket.
Some think S is for Sport.
Some think S is for Sex.
Actually S is for Stupid.

Why would anyone spend $44,000 on a small 4 seater car with 114 miles and a suicide doors when you can buy a Model-3 which is a bigger 5 seater car with 310 miles and regular door and also a supercharging facility.

i3 is in its 5th year, its high time BMW do a redesign and reduce its height by 1%, increase its length by 2 – 3%, increase the battery range to 200 miles and also reduce the price to $40,000. And then it will sell.