Does Tesla Underrate the Acceleration of the Model S? (w/videos)


Digital Display of Acceleration of Different Versions of Model S

Digital Display of Acceleration of Different Versions of Model S

On several occasions now, DragTimes has pushed the Model S to the limit on the track.

And ther is something more. don't like BROWN Tesla Model S

And there is something more. doesn’t like the BROWN shade of this Tesla Model S

First, they discovered that the P85 version of the Model S is able to do 0-60 MPH in just 3.9 seconds (instead of the 4.4 seconds that you see listed in Tesla’s specifications).  DragTimes’ 1/4 mile result with a fully charged battery was 12.371 @ 110.84 MPH.

Now, DragTimes tested 60-kWh version and what was the result? Again, Tesla seems to be underrating its true performance:

“The Model S 60 was amazing consistent running 3 consecutive 0-60 MPH runs in just 5.1 seconds with 0-100 MPH coming in at 12.8 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 13.7 @ 102.8 MPH. This is significantly  quicker and faster than what Tesla quotes and actually beats Tesla’s numbers for the Tesla Model S 85 Non-Performance. View our world record run for the Model S Performance.”

5.1 seconds is significantly quicker than the 5.9 seconds claimed by Tesla.

Below, you’ll find interesting videos of the Model S 60 and Model S 60 vs the 85 Performance with a display of their digital dashes side-by-side.

Source: DragTimes

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13 responses to "Does Tesla Underrate the Acceleration of the Model S? (w/videos)"
  1. David Murray says:

    I am pretty sure Nissan underrates the Leaf. Pretty much everyone who has tried has gotten faster time than Nissan advertises. I suspect the Volt is also underrated.

  2. Alaa Sadek says:

    It stands to reason; the 60kw is lighter!

  3. Alaa Sadek says:

    If they use the Performance’s inverter and motor the 60 kw will be lighter than the 85 kw thus faster and quicker. Simple Physics.

    1. Anderlan says:

      The thing is about battery EVs, a general rule of thumb is that more cells equals more voltage equals you can use a higher kW motor. So I always assumed that the bigger S85 pack was integral not only to better range but better performance. Now I learn that my rule of thumb is only good only up to a point.

  4. Anon says:

    Seen a Brown Tesla S around town, and it looks more like Bronze to me. I like it.

    The color I’ve seen that I don’t like– is that flat looking Grey. 😛

  5. Tesla doesn’t require the slightest of driving competence to squeeze out competitive 0-60 times.

    This is unlike a manual Porsche, BMW or Ferrari. Control Launch, clutch drops . . . hard on the car and difficult to execute.

    Tesla has also provided performance updates over the Internet. Maybe they’ll have an announcement soon.

  6. James says:

    Except for price, Tesla has consistently under-promised and over-delivered. I wouldn’t be surprised if Musk tweeted that he already had a Model S on the moon.

    1. Bryan Whitton says:

      Now that is something I hadn’t thought of. We can use theTesla on Mars or the moon or anywhere. That explains why he is building rockets as well. Expanding the market. 🙂

  7. kdawg says:

    On the Telsa displays, it appears the power dials have a range up to 240kW usable and 60kW on the regen. On my Volt, if I slam the brakes, I can regen 69kW easily. Is there a reason the Tesla is less or is there more room on that dial? It seems like the much larger battery pack (85kWh vs 16.5kWh) should be able to handle a much larger regen.

    1. Acevolt says:

      What do you use to see the 69kW. I assume that when I slam on the brake it is using the actually brake pads. If 69kW is with the brakes, what is it like with it in Low?

  8. HenryT2 says:

    I have a 60, and though I haven’t done any official field testing, my results have shown closer to 5.5secs. But maybe on a better road where I’m not worried about cops and some random car, etc. I could do better. But I’m still very pleased that it’s even better than the official time. How often does that happen?

  9. NeverFollow says:

    I would love to see the Tesla S getting the Pikes Peak record for sedan production car!


    “Land Rover says it has set a new record at Pikes Peak for the quickest hill climb in a production sport-utility vehicle.”

    “Its 2014 Range Rover Sport ran the 12.42-mile course in 12 minutes and 35.61 seconds, with an average speed of 59.17 miles per hour.”

    ” In fact, this also sets the new record for the *** quickest *** run in *** any production-standard vehicle ***, according to Land Rover.”