Does Tesla Sentry Mode Even Work? It’s So Loud! Video


Yes, it’s really LOUD! But, how does it actually work?

It seems Tesla Sentry Mode is so loud it could wake up your neighbors. Perhaps that’s a good thing if someone is trying to steal your car. We couldn’t wait to hear Bach’s Toccata and Fugue blasting those haunting organ notes from the Model 3 sound system, not to mention the kick-butt metal version. Sadly, there’s only a very brief clip of the music, since Tesla Raj doesn’t want to disturb the neighbors.

The above video is long and in-depth. It includes loads of details about Tesla Sentry Mode, as well as Dog Mode. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, we’ve embedded the shorter version from Twitter below.

For a little fun and a sample of what a car thief will hear, crank up your speakers and tune in to the 10:03 mark in the video above (metal version). If you want to hear the original organ arrangement, which we prefer, click on the Twitter video below and scroll to 4:57.

In both videos, Raj provides a pretty exhausting analysis of Tesla Sentry Mode. While it’s surely not perfect, it seems to do what it’s supposed to do. Needless to say, if a criminal stood in just the right spot or touched the car in just the right place, the feature may not trigger.

Fortunately, we can only imagine that when breaking into a car, it’s not very easy to be successful if you have to make decisions like, “Stand 2.4 feet from the car just behind the driver’s-side door and don’t move. If you touch something, make sure it’s precisely 4 inches toward the rear of the car and 2 inches in measured from the B-pillar. ” Of course, this is just a silly example and not reality, but you get the point. However, it’s still important to note that there are some bugs and dead areas. Additionally, Raj noted did not receive any notifications to his phone and covering the camera may cause Sentry Mode to fail. Still, the car’s alarm  engages regardless.

Video Description via TeslaRaj on YouTube:

Tesla Sentry Model Review and More

The munch anticipated software has arrived and we take a deep dive into it and show you where its strengths and weaknesses are. AT THIS TIME NO NOTIFICATION TO PHONE YET.

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Hal mode 👍

What he didn’t test is what happens with super loud sound in dog mode when sentry gets triggered. Dogs in the car with deafening noise will be terrible!

Sentry mode turning off dog mode screen is terrible at 12:00. As I mentioned before, open the window if you’re away. While Tesla is fixing dog mode screen coming back after sentry, maybe they can add window rolling down on dog mode.

Its not a realistic test. Thieves use a center punch or similar instrument to break the window, which won’t set off the alarm. One hint is to tint your windows, which will keep the glass together enough after being shattered to require banging to finish the job.

Yes, I know of where I speak, unfortunately. My rear quarter got smashed.

I was in a well lit parking lot next to a Trader Joes near me at 8:30pm. When I returned home, I noticed nice scratches in the trim above the rear doors on each side. Car was next to building under bright lights and 60 feet from a main avenue. A brazen attempt to break in that surely took several minutes to perform. I’m not in California and they evidently never read the hoopla online about the small quarter windows. Nothing inside the car, and the rear seats in upright position. I should point out on the window film front : Tesla needs to address the darkness level of the auto dimming side rear view mirtors. They are so dark as to make seeing in them difficult. Add window tinting and “faugetttabouddit” using them at all! Its the reason I have not tinted my windows yet. Wish I had Sentry Mode then! It would have deterred that thief. And what did they think, that they would hotwire the car?!! While the new mode has glitches, surely Tesla will smooth them out next OTA update. Thanks to Raj for testing it out, but nasty how we also do videos showing criminals… Read more »

I’m sorry Dave if the decibel is too high. Humans are so inattentive, it’s a wonder to me that they are allowed to undertake such complex missions.

I think the sound shoud be Mr. T from A Team yelling at him like watchya doin fool !
Or a really fat woman yelling rape!

How does the size of a person affect how they yell something?

You haven’t watched opera.

Yeah, thanks Raj…thanks for telling all the neerdoweels the way the sentry mode can be circumvented and thwarted. LOL! Maybe you can be one of their consultants now. Great video, learned a lot. Thank you!

Dog mode and Sentry mode are both great ideas in theory but this looks like yet another half baked and over hyped feature release from a company that has yet to earn my trust. Keep the innovations coming though, other OEMs will be forced to up their game and actually make functional products for those of us who don’t wear rose colored glasses.

You make it sound like this is final form set in concrete. Unlike others that will not update features, Tesla _always_ make improvements in their software, especially when it’s deemed inadequate.

Compare that with older Bolt that is pretty much identical to new one, yet GM refuse to update the software for things like adjustable charge level instead of hill-top reserve. If you want adjustable charge level, buy a new Bolt? Yeah, that’ll get my future business. /s

I’m surprised the rear camera is not used. Maybe in a future update.

As usual, most new software features have lots of bugs. I’ve seen that with the initial TeslaCam as well as the TeslAtari games.

Dear Tesla, please hire Raj to test all your new software updates before pushing them out.

As you can see, Raj enjoys self promotion too. Raj really likes finding the flaws and getting that info out to thieves even before I have gotten the update to my 3 yet.

Raj is selling the paper patch, the tape and instructional diagrams of where to stand while breaking into your Tesla to those parties interested.