DOE Releases EV Everywhere Grand Blueprint Challenge


Late last week, the US Department of Energy released all the details of its EV Everywhere Grand Challenge Blueprint.

The Blueprint essentially outlines plug-in vehicle technology, barriers and technical and deployment goals from now through 2022.  The DOE will actively pursue the targets set in this Blueprint with assistance from private and public partners.

Targets listed in the Blueprint fall into four key areas: battery, electric drive, lightweighting, and climate control.  Here are some of the noteworthy goals set for 2022 or before:

EV Everywhere

EV Everywhere

  • Cutting battery costs from their current $500/kWh to $125/kWh
  • Eliminating almost 30% of vehicle weight through lightweighting
  • Reducing the cost of electric drive systems from $30/kW to $8/kW

Lastly, the Blueprint provides us with this so-called “levelized cost” statement:

When these goals are met, the levelized cost of an all-electric vehicle with a 280-mile range will be comparable to that of an ICE vehicle of similar size. Even before these ambitious goals are met, the levelized cost [purchase cost + operating cost] of most plug-in hybrid electric vehicles—and of all-electric vehicles with shorter ranges (such as 100 miles)—will be comparable to the levelized cost of ICE vehicles of similar size. Although there is little evidence that levelized cost plays an important role in vehicle purchase decisions for most consumers, there is substantial evidence that initial purchase price plays an important role—and meeting these targets will help to reduce the purchase price for plug-in electric vehicles. In light of uncertainty concerning consumer preferences and manufacturer plans for PEVs, DOE is selecting ambitious technical goals for this program.

So, 2022 is the year when all this magic comes together to form the ultimate plug-in vehicle that sells in mass to the public at a cost of no more than a similar ICE vehicle with incentives.  Let’s hope this Blueprint becomes reality.

Detailed 16-page PDF on Grand Challenge Blueprint found by clicking here.

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It is becoming more evident that, if you are going to buy a pure EV you need to take your daily route miles and multiply by 2 in order to get the EPA aer rating. (assuming you are driving in cold temps)… So for me with a 65 mile routine to Payson and back that means I need an EV with around 140 mile range.

So far only Tesla offers that vehicle.

I hope that by the time my Volt lease runs out there will be something out there with that range and a 0-60 time in the six to seven second range.and a price point around what I payed for the Volt. I might be tempted to go for a pure EV under those circumstances.

Otherwise a Volt SS would be something I would want…..but that’s just a dream car I guess. (here’s wishing for a light weight Volt with a 0-60 time in the sixes at the same price as today’s Volt.)