DoE Awarding $6 Million To 11 Projects Aimed At Increasing Plug-In Electric Car Awareness/Adoption

APR 7 2015 BY STAFF 9

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DoE Logo

The U.S. DoE has announced funding of $6 million to accelerate growth in the plug-in electric car market.

Here’s the press release detailing this latest funding effort:

Energy Department Announces $6 Million to Accelerate Alternative Fuel Vehicle Market Growth

The Energy Department announced today $6 million for 11 projects aimed at improving potential buyers’ experiences with alternative fuel and plug-in electric vehicles, supporting training, and integrating alternative fuels into emergency planning. By removing barriers to market growth, these projects will expand Americans’ transportation options, minimize fuel costs, reduce carbon pollution, and increase the nation’s energy security.

Since 1993, the Energy Department’s Clean Cities program has supported community-led efforts to help fleets and consumers find the alternative fuel or fuel-efficient solutions that meet their needs. Through the Clean Cities program, these projects address many of the challenges limiting the use of alternative fuel and plug-in electric vehicles, particularly in these three areas: on-the-road demonstrations, safety-related training, and emergency preparedness.

Five projects will enable consumers and fleets to drive alternative fuel vehicles for extended periods of time to help them better understand how these vehicles can meet their everyday needs. For example, a Tallahassee, Florida project will allow thousands of visitors in Orlando to rent and receive information on plug-in electric vehicles.

Five projects will focus on training for first responders, public safety officials, tow-truck operators, and collision repair specialists and teach these service providers how to safely handle alternative fuel vehicles. One project in Morgantown, West Virginia will not only develop new curriculum, but provide it for free online and train educators that can present it in person.

Incorporating alternative fuel vehicles into emergency strategies, such as State Energy Assurance Plans, will help state and local governments adopt these vehicles and understand how they can use them effectively during emergencies. An Arlington, Virginia project will incorporate alternative fuel and advanced vehicles into multiple emergency preparedness plans that address varied geographies and potential incidents.

The Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy accelerates the development and deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and market-based solutions that strengthen U.S. energy security, environmental quality, and economic vitality. Learn more about the work the Clean Cities program’s nearly 100 coalitions has done to reduce petroleum consumption, limit pollution, and save money on the Clean Cities website.

In the full list of awardees we find the following:

Funding For Social Media Influencers

Funding For Social Media Influencers

Now that’s a nifty way to promote electric cars!

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A bit late, but something is better than nothing… 😛

What they really need to do is something like their sunshot initiative which is trying to streamline building codes so applying for and obtaining a building permit for a PV system is much faster, cheaper, and easier.

The same needs to be true for home chargers AND we need building codes that require pre-wiring chargers for all parking spots in homes, apartments, and condos. (Don’t need to install the charger, just run conduit from the main panels to all parking spaces so it is very easy to add a charger later. This adds very little to the cost.)

How about making special deals on Chevy Volts to ALL rental car programs for their compact divisions along with special arrangements with hotel chains to provide 110v outlets for a $-a-day.

And money set aside for any employer that wants to make L1 chargers available to employees.

Employers don’t want L1, to make a broad generalization. They want metrics and plots and controllability and accountability.

They should have had someone from Arlington, WA submit a plan, because that seems to be a winning criterion given that projects from Arlington VA and Arlington TX have both won awards.

Wow, quite a few of those seem to be easy money for nothing. And each of the awarded sums could have been used for 10-30 dual-standard DCFC stations… something that nearly all the awarded regions are sorely lacking…


The Texas one seems to be mainly about training firefighters to deal with flaming propane and CNG cars, with batteries thrown in as a side show…

Better than nothing….

This website should request a $450k grant for the innovative social media compaign it has been operating for years 😉