DoE To Award $55 Million To 31 Projects – 19 Related To EV Everywhere Grand Challenge

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EV Everywhere

EV Everywhere

The US Department of Energy is “awarding more than $55 million to 31 new projects to accelerate research and development of vehicle technologies that will improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs under a program-wide funding opportunity announced in January,” reports Green Car Congress.

Of importance to us at InsideEVs is the following:

“These new projects are aimed at meeting the goals and objectives of the President’s EV Everywhere Grand Challenge (19 projects), as well as improvements in other vehicle technologies such as powertrains, fuel, tires and auxiliary systems (12 projects).”

And this too:

“The largest number of awards (9) in a single area of interest goes to developing beyond Li-ion battery technologies.”

In regards to the EV Everywhere Grand Challenge, Green Car Congress reports:

“Nineteen projects are aimed at reducing the cost and improving the performance of key PEV components. This includes improving “beyond lithium-ion technologies” that use higher energy storage materials, and developing and commercializing wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors that offer significant advances in performance while reducing the price of vehicle power electronics. Other projects focus on advancing lightweight materials research to help electric vehicles increase their range and reduce battery needs, and developing advanced climate control technologies that reduce energy used for passenger comfort and increase the drive range of plug-in electric vehicles.”

For full details on the DoE’s $55 million spending plan, follow this link to the Energy Department’s website.

Source: Green Car Congress

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DOE throws 55 million in spaghetti at wall, to see what sticks. News at 11.

Such is the nature of basic research. Hindsight is 20-20, so we should all walk backwards?