Impressive DIY Tesla Solar Roof Tile Built On YouTube


While Tesla itself still needs to figure out how to produce and prepare the production line for it Solar Roof products (a pilot validation line will be established at the company’s Fremont facility in June before moving to volume production at the “Gigafactory 2” in Buffalo), an example of making one of the tiles DIY-style has already appeared on YouTube.

DIY Tesla Solar Roof Panel

It’s not that flashy, but Aries RC’s concept is impressive nonetheless, and he has all the tools to do the job at a fraction of the cost (excluding his time) using readily available parts.

The weak part of DIY solar roof tile is of course that you then need to produce some 2,000 of them to cover a home, which is a lot of work for an actual working and installed DIY project.

Aries RC used:

  • standard solar wafers, soldered together to form a single 6 inch by 6 inch cell
  • 3/16 inch tempered glass trimmed to size and combined with a custom gasket
  • foam spacers
  • thin micro-louver film normaly used to protect privacy of laptop screen
  • small heat pads

source: Teslarati

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10 responses to "Impressive DIY Tesla Solar Roof Tile Built On YouTube"
  1. k l says:

    Did someone forget the inter-connects to connect all those cells into an inverter?

    1. jorey says:

      Good question. I hope they are using micro inverters, to reduce effects of shading.

  2. Bacardi says:

    $1.59 for the cell + $6 for the glass X 2000 = $15,180…

    1. Tony says:

      I believe the glass price was for a square metre (meter for the Americans 🙂 and not a single tile.

      1. William says:

        Cutting tempered glass (1 sq meter) down to any roof tile size is extremely problematic. Best to source you specific needed precut size FIRST!

        1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

          No kidding!

          I recently read some DIY forum discussions on people trying to cut tempered glass.

          Bottom line: Forget it. Glass should be cut before tempering, not after. Even if you get lucky and it doesn’t shatter during cutting, the process of cutting it severely weakens the structure, so it may shatter at any time.

          In fact, the most “practical” advice seemed to be: “Heat it up to the point that it relaxes the temper, then let it cool; then cut it, then re-temper the glass.” Possible, yes; but in most cases, far more effort than it’s worth.

          If they don’t re-temper the glass after cutting, then that DIY solar roof tile certainly won’t be as resistant to hail damage as an actual manufactured tempered glass roof tile.

  3. Tom says:

    Imagine if every retail space in the world apart from residences generated their own power.

  4. says:

    Is there a reason the tiles have to be small? How about just leaving the solar tile in one piece at 1 (or half that) sq meter?

  5. Serial anti tesla troll thomas says:

    Tesla is not the 1st in producing solar shingles:

  6. Rick James says:

    I mean, seriously, just put an array on your roof. Way frickin easier and cost effective.