Discover the BMW i3, i3 REx & i8 – Videos

NOV 22 2015 BY MARK KANE 19

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW released one of the best video presentations of the i3 and i8 plug-in electric cars, from Drive Module through all the major components like motors, batteries, Life Module and so on up to the final product.

The i3 video is available in two slightly different version (with back-up range-extender engine and without).

Discover the BMW i3

“The BMW i3 opens a new chapter of a visionary design language for BMW that is tailor-made for electric vehicles. The innovative LifeDrive architecture with carbon passenger compartment provides an especially roomy feeling in the interior (in part thanks to the absence of a centre tunnel) and is characterised by the use of high-quality, sustainable materials.”

Discover the BMW i3 with Range Extender

Discover the BMW i8

“The BMW i8 is ready to revolutionise its vehicle class. As the first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a compact car. The strength of the plug-in hybrid lies, among other factors, in the perfect synchronisation of electric motor and combustion engine, which makes itself apparent in maximum efficiency and dynamics on the road. “

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A little off topic. allows build and order of the 2016 i3 model.
There were rumors floating around that the 2016 BMW i3 was going to get a bump in range. From what I can tell, this is false. The range hasn’t changed on the BEV or REX models.

I already ordered a fully loaded fluid black i3. unfortunately the bigger battery probably won’t be till 2017. Somehow in the back of my head I am hoping there will be a surprise but not holding my breath for a 2016 model battery improvement.

Saw 4 plug-in BMW models at the Los Angeles Auto Show. I was wondering does BMW offer the most amount of plug in models in the US currently?

Congrats on the 2016 BMW i3. I like the fluid black as well.

Hmmm. Good point. Ford has 3. GM currently has 3, but will soon have 4.

I applaud BMW for finally following GM and their volt design. I could not afford the i8 if I wanted one, but now with these plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that are coming down the pipeline from Bmw, I may just consider getting one. The public does not want to buy anything that could possibly leave you stranded such as a BEV, so seeing these new models coming out reassures me that Bmw also recognizes this. As I have stated in other post, the average person does not want to wait around to have their vehicles recharged while out and about and shopping. Having a gasoline back up generator only makes 100% sense.

I saw the black i3 at the LA auto show and it looks horrible in that color. It just looks like a big blob of black plastic and it really shows handprints and fingerprints very easily. Having the two tone colors actually works in the styles favor. Now with it just being all black, it look like an origami project gone wrong and people are left to try and distinguish the body lines from one another

Everyone has their own opinions. And I’m sure many agree with me that the black looks great. I have never been fond of the rear lines on the i3. The Fluid Black makes the design look much more cohesive. It helps hide the contrasting color slab sides of the i3. I actually am glad it hides many of the lines.

Besides, if you really looked closely, you would have recognized that the car has plenty of grey highlights on it along with the blue stripe. This isn’t a wild departure anyways, as all i3s already have a black roof, hood, and hatch.

Both vehicles at LA Autoshow, but i3 had no information accompanying the car. It didn’t even have the usual iPad carrying pedestal. What’s up? Have they sold the quota to southern Californis? If so, lucky my son and I already have outs!

That was the special Shadow Sport Edition. Perhaps it is already sold out. I’m glad that I didn’t get the special edition, because I wanted to 20″ wheels, and wanted to build the car I wanted with leather, etc.

All Sold Out already (only 50).

Also agree about the comments on the all black model. The car looks a lot more chunky and the contrasting flow the designer put in place is now lost. Now looks like a small BMW version of a London cab. Not a good look in my opinion but at least an extra option for those that want it.
Still find it difficult to understand the limited colour range on the model. As others have shown by wrapping their cars some other colour choices can make the car pretty good looking.

That is a great observation, and exactly what I noticed too. I hate the tall skinny look of the car to begin with, so making it look chunky, especially in the back was a key reason for me waiting for this 2016 car, instead of buying a heavily discounted 2015 model.

Well now I see why the i3 is so heavy with such a heavy, large alum frame under it.
If they had done the entire car as composites preferably medium tech composites like FG and Kevlar type fabrics it could have been 1,000 lbs lighter, 120 mile range with the same pack.
If they don’t increase range soon they will just die off as 200+ mile range EV’s at $10k less take their market share away.
And the non REX all EV version seems to have a left side weight bias that should make interesting right, left handling differences.

Heavy? Compare to what exactly? As EV goes, the i3 is the lightest.

The i3’s light-weight aluminum frame weighs nowhere near 1000 pounds, so an all-CFRP i3 would not be much lighter but would be more expensive to buy and repair.

The left-hand-drive BEV version does appear to have a left-side weight bias, but I haven’t noticed any handling oddities in our i3 BEV. However, the i3 is designed to be a city car, not a high performance car.

Care to say where the weight is then if not the frame?
I have a 2 seat all composite sportwagon body/chassis that only weighs 235lbs yet is stronger than steel. In a 4 seat version would only weigh 400lbs and includes the chassis.
If you design for crash protection it’ll easily handle road load, And Kevlar type fabrics are not only cheaper buy far better crash protection than CF ever could dream of being.
Making the large frame, front, rear crash structures way too heavy that far less on composites, foam could have done
BTW I’ve done high tech composites for 45 yrs.
And lighter than What? Multiple steel subcompact cars of the same size weigh 200-300 less.
BMW blew this design that could have been so much better and cost, weigh 40% less or have 200 mile range at the same price, profit.

Hey, “FreedomEV”, I see you decided to change your name! So where are all these comparable cars that are hundreds of lbs lighter than an i3? I asked this question before after one of your many times posting this same stuff, and your best example of a comparable car that’s 2-300 lb lighter than the i3 was an 1980’s VW Rabbit. Still waiting for a legitimate example. Oh, and you claimed the i3 should also be 1000 lbs lighter than it is, too.

BTW the CF isn’t hard or expensive to repair, just buy a new or used section and have a competent composite person splice it in correctly.
Both boats and planes have been doing this for decades.
Takes a lot less time than metal work.